1. Prologue
  2. G7/P3: Indian Geography-Peninsular Plateaus
  3. G7/P4: Rivers of India: Northern & Peninsular


  • These geography lectures are conducted by Ms. Rajtanil at Sardar Patel institute of Public Administration (SPIPA), Ahmedabad.
  • On 9th March, continuation of the Indian geography segment with two major topics- plateaus, rivers, so I’ve split it into two parts.
  • PowerPoint of the lecture, available at Mrunal.org/Download
  • Medium of instruction- Hindi.
  • English version not possible for the moment, because faculties are required to teach at this batch, in Hindi/Gujarati only. Besides, same content is available in English in the powerpoints.

G7/P3: Indian Geography-Peninsular Plateaus

Western Ghat & Peninsular Plateus

  1. Recap of previous lecture on geological history of India
  2. Recap of previous lecture on Physiography of India- northern mountains and northern plains
  3. 8 division of Indian peninsular plateau:
  4. North-central highlands
  5. Aravalli range, Bundelkhand and South-central highlands
  6. Vindhyan range, Malawa plateau (Chambal Badlands) and Eastern plateau
  7. Chhota Nagpur plateau – Rajmahal hills, Garhjat hills and drainage
  8. Meghalaya plateau: Malda gap and rainfall
  9. Deccan traps and North Deccan
  10. Satpura range: Raj pipla, gawilgarh, Mahadeo and Maikal; betul and Amarakantak plateaus
  11. UPSC prelim 2007 question
  12. Maharastra plateau, South Deccan and Karnataka Plateau
  13. Dharwad region and Telangana plateau
  14. Western Ghats: Western Ghats: rainfall pattern, ecological importance, mountain ranges, Bauxite deposits
  15. Southern hills complex: gaps and hill station
  16. Importance of Peninsular plateau in India
  17. Indian coastal plains
  18. Divisions of coastal plains: western and eastern
  19. Western coastal plains: Gujarat and Kerala
  20. Eastern coastal plains: Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu
  21. UPSC prelim questions from these topics.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/9FAwSmkF5dQ

G7/P4: Rivers of India: Northern & Peninsular

Indian Rivers

  1. Division of Indian rivers: northern rivers and Peninsular rivers and their Sub-division
  2. Indus river system
  3. Tributaries of Indus: Tributaries of Indus: Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, Satlej
  4. Ganga river system
  5. Origin of Ganga: prayags,
  6. Ganga river: left bank tributaries: Ramganga and Gomati, Ghaghara, Gandak, Kosi
  7. Ganga river: right bank tributaries: Yamuna and its trubtaries, Son and Hugli
  8. UPSC prelims 2010 question from this topic.
  9. Brahmaputra river: origin and tributaries.
  10. UPSC prelims 2014 question on Barak river
  11. Peninsular rivers: west flowing and east flowing rivers
  12. West flowing Peninsular rivers: Narmada, Tapi, Sabarmati and Mahi, Mandovi and Zuari, Kalinadi, Netravati, Sharavati , Periyar and Pamba
  13. East flowing Peninsular rivers: damodar, Subarnrekha, Baitrani, Brahmani, Mahanadi, Rushikulya, Godavri, Krishna, penner, Kaveri, Vaigai
  14. Olive ridely turtles and mouth of Rushikulya river
  15. River linking project: history, purpose, arguments in favor and challenges in implementation
  16. UPSC prelim questions from this Topic

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/8ua44Cv_i0g
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