[CSAT-2015] UPSC Prelims result is out, ~15,000 selected for Mains, DAF to start from 29th Oct

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  1. Result PDF links
  2. Result Withheld
  3. Unhelpdesk numbers & emails
  4. Road Ahead
  5. Mains Timetable (Civil Service) 2014

Result PDF links

UPSC has uploaded result for CSAT-2014 preliminary exam. 15,008 candidates qualified for the mains exam. Here are the links to download the PDF file containing roll numbers of the successful candidates

Before declaring final result of CSE-2014, UPSC had officially announced the date and time of result declaration. Same way, here too, in the afternoon of Oct-12-2015, UPSC official website mentioned that result will be out at 9PM.

Result Withheld

The results of Roll Numbers 0882295, 1000001, 1000002, 1000003, 1000004, 1000005, 1000006, 1000007, 1000008, 1000009, 1000010, 1000011, 1000012, 1000013, 1000014, 1000015, 1000017, 1000018, 1000019, 1000020, 1000021, 1000022, 1000023, 1000024, 1000025, 1000026, 1000027, 1000028 and 1000029 have been withheld on the directions of Hon’ble Central Administrative Tribunals/High Court.

Unhelpdesk numbers & emails

  • un-helpdesk because they rarely respond, and every guy gives a new or vague answer:
  • uscsp-upsc@nic.in; web-upsc@nic.in
  • 011-23385271,  011-23098543  or  011-23381125

Road Ahead

Detail Civil Service
candidates cleared
DAF form will be available on UPSC site 29th October to 13th November
last date to print and send paper-post of that form to UPSC office 20th November, 5PM
Mains hall tickets will be uploaded 2 weeks before the exam
Mains exam starts from 18th December 2015, Friday. How many days left? Hardly 2 months and 1 week while I write this on 12th October 2015.

Mains Timetable (Civil Service) 2014

This is only to give idea to the first attempt cleared candidates- about sequence of papers.

Important: this is timetable from 2014 examination
Date 9AM to 12PM 2PM to 5PM
14/12/2014 Essay English
15/12/2014 GS1 GS2
17/12/2014 GS3 GS4
19/12/2014 Optional paper-1 Optional Paper-2
20/12/2014 Compulsory Indian language paper mukti

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447 Comments on “[CSAT-2015] UPSC Prelims result is out, ~15,000 selected for Mains, DAF to start from 29th Oct”

  1. sir 27 September result roll no.0080372
    coming result thank sir

  2. Time to end the Age/Attempt Apartheid.

    The 7th Pay Commission is out and once again a government job has
    come out at the top. In a world of Economic uncertainty and distress
    is it fair to single out a section of population for continued
    “deliberate” persecution ? The system of a cap on the Age/Attempts for
    general category aspirants for government jobs is an anachronism and
    must go. They are subjected to a double whammy of ensuring excellence
    and their aspirations are sacrificed at the altar of social justice
    too. The government is treating it’s citizens as automatons who can be
    switched on and off and not as organic,living entities who are capable
    of assimilating life experiences and using it to better themselves.
    When no such restriction exists for exams like CAT,UGC-NET,CLAT which
    are gateways to just another “paper” degree why do so for public
    sector employment where jobs are the real crux of the issue ? This
    reminds one of the dark days of the British Raj when the ICS ludicrous
    age restriction severely crippled the chances of Indians.

    Our youth population demographic is increasing and 18-35 is taken
    as the standard definition. It is high time we did away with the Age
    cap for all categories or at least kept it at 36 years and no measly
    and infuriating attempts criterion. A graduate of this nation must be
    given a chance at public sector employment by the state and anything
    less is a form of soft genocide.

  3. Sir, can I use 2015 obc(ncl) for 2017 prelims registration ?

  4. Mrunal Sir, can I use 2015 obc(non creamy layer) certification date for online registration of ias prelims 2017 in obc category ?

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