[ML16] Mains Revision & Answer Writing: GSM3:- Summary of GST & UBI (Universal Basic Income)- Features, Benefits, Challenges

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  1. Prologue
  2. GSM3/Economy: GST-Proposed Framework, Benefits, Challenges- Summary
  3. GSM3/Poverty: UBI Universal Basic Income for Indian Poor: Benefits, Challenges- Summary


  • The last part of mains revision and answer writing for selected topics.
  • covered with full length discuss on model answer. Powerpoints available under Mrunal.org/download – mediafire –1_Powerpoints – Mains Revision Folder

GSM3/Economy: GST-Proposed Framework, Benefits, Challenges- Summary

Q. Discuss the proposed framework of GST and outline the associated benefits and challenges.
जीएसटी के प्रस्तावित ढांचे पर चर्चा करें तथा इसके साथे जुड़े लाभ एवं चुनौतीओं की रुपरेखा दीजिए.

  • Goods and services tax is to be implemented in India WEF 1st April 2017. But during each meeting of GST-council, some new modification is announced.
  • So let's just gather enough points to make up a 200 words answer- Starting with definition of GST, it's proposed framework, perceived benefits (cascading effect, Ancillarisation, Tax base expansion) versus the visible challenges- pertaining to discontent among union, state, policy advisors, personnel-IT infrastructure, disputes related to classification and compliance cost.

GST Framework Challenges
Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/9auwkB0jB_U

GSM3/Poverty: UBI Universal Basic Income for Indian Poor: Benefits, Challenges- Summary

Q. Critically assess the feasibility of giving universal basic income (UBI) to Indian poor.
भारतीय गरीबों को सार्वत्रिक बुनियादी आय (यूबीआई) देने की व्यवहार्यता का समालोचनात्मक आकलन करें।
Universal Basic Income (UBI)

  • UBI means depositing ten to fifteen thousand rupees in the beneficiary's account to augment his purchasing power. What benefits will it have on his life viz a viz the challenges on our public treasury, leakage and diversion.
  • As such new Economic survey will be focusing on this topic, hence no point in doing Ph.D at the moment. Let's just gather enough points to make up a 200 words answer for UPSC mains general studies paper-1, 2 and 3 as poverty is a recurring topic in the syllabus of all three papers!

Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/-TIvNEHd1VQ
This concludes the ML16 lecture series. Best wishes to all serious players

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    one question : What would be the impact of GST implementation on Textile Industries?

    1. If GST is implemented on Ready made Garments then they will become costly.
      Currently there is No tax on Garments. Only tax is imposed on “Branded and Costly” Garments.

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    economy, Development Plans and Economic and Industrial Policies of Independent
    India. Liberalizations, Privatization, Globalization, Labour Policies of Union and State
    Governments, role of Agriculture and Green Revolution in India. Economic disparities
    between regions and population categories”. What are the books we have to follow to cover the entire syllabus? Thanks in advance.

    1. hai bhavyasri am siva preparing for APPSC group 2 if u get any information plzzzzzz… forward to my mail [email protected]. Thanks in advance

    2. First go through NCERT if your medium is English and Telugu Akademi text books if your medium is Telugu .

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