Current Affairs for UPSC: Polity Governance from November Week3:One Nation One Legislative Platform

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Mrunal's Win22 Series for Economy Updates for UPSC Prelims & Mains 2022
  • Election:- Polity: Election-Referendum. SWITZERLAND legalised same-sex couples after Swiss voters expressed in a referendum. Previously Referendums 1) BREXIT 2) CATALONIA-Spain. (स्विट्ज़रलैंड में जनमत संग्रह द्वारा समलैंगिक विवाह को मंज़ूरी)
  • Executive:- Polity: comparing constitutions: Executive-US PRESIDENT Joe Biden will undergoes a “routine colonoscopy” surgery. So, he’ll briefly transfer power to Vice President Kamala Harris . Harris, the first woman, person of colour and person of Indian descent will be serving as acting president of USA. 🤔Points to Reflect: did similar thing happened In Indian polity? Search Laxmikanth! (अमरीकी राष्ट्रपति जो बिडेन की मेडिकल सर्जरी के दौरान उपराष्ट्रपति कमला हैरिस कार्यकारी राष्ट्रपति की भूमिका निभाएंगी)
  • Executive:- Polity: Delhi Special Police Establishment (DSPE) Act and The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) Act have been amended. BEFORE: Directors of CBI and enforcement directorate had a term limit of two years. AFTER: 2 years ki 2 terms + 1 year extra may be given = upto 5 years. 😥1) opposition parties are going by government has enacted in ordinance when Parliament is soon to convene. 2) longer tenure for “Yes-man” type of directors… who may be used by ruling party against opposition leaders. अध्यादेश द्वारा CBI और प्रवर्तन निदेशालय के डायरेक्टर-का कार्यकाल पाँच साल तक बढ़ाया गया.
  • Federalism:- Federalism / Border Management: WEST Bengal Assembly on passed a resolution opposing the decision of the Home Ministry to expand the jurisdiction of the BSF on the IndiaBangladesh border from 15 km to 50 km. Further, MLA Udayan Guha alleged that “BSF personnel, in the name of checking, used to search private parts in front of their children. You cannot expect that those children will chant ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ or they will be patriotic.” However, BSF defended, “The BSF is a professional force that has always performed the mandated duties by adhering to the rules and regulations. BSF Mahila Praharis are the ones who do frisking of women.” The MLA’s allegations are utterly baseless. (पश्चिम बंगाल राज्य विधानसभा में प्रस्ताव पारित किया है केंद्र सरकार के इस फ़ैसले के ख़िलाफ़, की जिसमें सीमा सुरक्षा बल का क्अधिकार क्षेत्र भारत बांग्लादेश सीमा ने 15 किलोमीटर से बढ़ाकर 50 किलोमीटर किया गया है।)
  • Federalism:- Federalism: CENTRE planning for creating the National Interlinking of Rivers Authority (NIRA), an independent autonomous body for planning, investigation, financing and the implementation of the river interlinking projects in the country. It is to be headed by a Government of India Secretaryrank officer, will replace the existing National Water Development Agency (NWDA) and will function as an umbrella body for all river linking projects. (नदियों को एक दूसरे के साथ जोड़ने के लिए राष्ट्रीय प्राधिकरण बनाने के लिए सरकार सोच रही है)
  • Federalism:- Federalism: SOUTHERN ZONAL COUNCIL meeting of the Council, comprising Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Puducherry, Lakshadweep, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Headed by Home Ministry.
  • Judiciary:- ⚾️📻⚾️🎙✋ Detention curtailment of liberty, says Tripura judge; journalists get bail (राजद्रोह के मामले में सुप्रीम कोर्ट के फैसलों का पहले से हम काफ़ी माल बटोर हो चुके हैं)
  • Judiciary:- ⚾️📻⚾️🎙✋ SC must intervene, says petitioner behind reforms in selection of CBI chief. वह तो पहले सुप्रीम कोर्ट को बोलने दो
  • Legislature:- Polity: legalisation of Sports Betting. International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) says India is hotspot for fixing because of an illegal cricket batting so it should be legalised. Incidentally, in 2018, the Law Commission of India had recommended legalising sports betting with proper regulation e.g. Poor person should not be allowed to bet. 2) already in the name of fantasy cricket Apps lot of unregulated betting is happening. Government is losing tax revenue. 😥Counter: 1) Tax revenue ke liye narco and prostitution bhi legalise krdo! Will Gandhiji approve? 2) even if poor person not allowed to directly bet they may routed through a middleman like Ponzi scheme, and loose lifetime savings. 3) even in the countries were batting is legalised, there are fixing in tennis and football matches. (क्रिकेट मैच पर सट्टा लगाने को क़ानूनन वेध्यता दी जाए तो मैच फिक्सिंग का दूषण कम हो सकता है ऐसी चर्चा।)
  • Legislature:- Polity: Legislature- How to Repeal a law? 1) SC can do it, if it is violating the fundamental right. 2) Parliament can connect along with built-in deadline/sunset clause e.g. For example, the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act 1987, commonly known as TADA, had a sunset clause, and was allowed to lapse in 1995. 3) Article 245 of the Constitution gives Parliament the power to make laws. So, Parliament draws its power to repeal a law from the same provision. 4) executive can repeal thru ordinance. If an ordinance is used, it would need to be replaced by a law passed by Parliament within six months. If the ordinance lapses because it is not approved by Parliament, the repealed law can be revived. किसी क़ानून को निरस्त रद्द करने के विभिन्न तरीक़े: सर्वोच्च न्यायालय ऐसा कर सकता है यदि मौलिक अधिकारों का हनन हो रहा हो। क़ानून में ख़ुद ही एक अंतिम तिथि डाली गयी हूँ उसके बाद वो क़ानून समाप्त हो जाए जैसे टाडा क़ानून में हुआ था। संसद ख़ुद भी क़ानून रद्द कर सकती है। सरकार भी अध्यादेश द्वारा क़ानून को रद्द करवा सकता है हालाँकि बाद में छह महीनों के भीतर ही संसद में वो निर्णय को पास करवाना होगा वरना मरा हुआ क़ानून वापस जीवित हो जाएगा।
  • Legislature:- Polity: Legislature- “One Nation One Legislative Platform’ – PM Modi proposed this online platform where MP/MLA’s current and old debates PDF files, bills-laws, committee reports etc other resources at one web portal by 2022. 😍 MP/MLA can easily search it for getting a reference material for future debate 😍 Reference material for researchers, PhD scholars, historian etc. This announcement was made at All India Presiding Officers’ Conference (AIPOC) on its centenary year at an event held in Shimla. (एक राष्ट्र एक विधायिका मंच- जहाँ पर सांसद विधायकों की पुरानी भाषण, क़ानून, विधेयक, संसदीय समितियों की रिपोर्ट इत्यादि एक ही जगह पर मिल जाए ताकि भविष्य की चर्चा हुई है सांसद इतिहासकार इत्यादि में उनका संदर्भ ले सके।)
  • Pressure-Groups:- Polity: Pressure groups- NSA Ajit Doval’s arguments that civil society as new frontier of warfare because the enemy states cannot afford conventional war. E.g. Farmer protests, CAA protests. 🤔 Counter arguments 1) this undermines constitutional idea of citizenship. 2) Wrong to argue that the only legitimacy in democracy is vested in the elected government and the laws it passes. (शत्रु राष्ट्र सिविल सोसायटी द्वारा युद्ध खेल रहे हैं ऐसे अजीत डोवाल की बयान पर आलोचना वाले कोलम की सरकार के ख़िलाफ़ कोई लिखे/बोले तो वह राजद्रोही है ऐसा मानना ग़लत)
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