[Reasoning Q] 3-Statement Syllogism doubt Question: Apples, Mangoes, Vegetarians

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In an earlier article, we saw how to approach 3-statement syllogism (click ME) One of the Reader “Pars”, had posted a doubt-question. Let’s solve it, to strengthen our grip over the UP-UN method. Question Solution and Approach i) No Fruit is apple ii) No vegetarian is apple Complimentary case example iii) some vegetarian are mangoes Question-Statements Conclusion-Statements No Apple is mango … Read More


[Reasoning] Three-Statement Syllogism: technique, method, shortcuts for IBPS, SSC, CSAT, CAT, CMAT

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Don’t read further, until and unless you’ve mastered the 2-statement syllogism technique explained in previous article (click ME) Recap of 2-Statement syllogism Parent Statements Chain formula DemoQ: Married Student Dancers (CSAT-2012) DemoQ: Rich n Sick Air travellers (CSAT-2012) DemoQ: Drug addict Artists (CSAT-2012) Recap of 2-Statement syllogism Before we understand the 3-statement syllogism, let’s recap the 2-statement trick just for … Read More


[Reasoning] Syllogism (All Cats are Dogs): Method, approach, techniques, shortcuts explained for IBPS, SSC, CSAT and CAT

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Introduction to Syllogism Basics Subject vs Predicate Classification of statement Standard format: conversion No conclusion Combos Conclusive-Combos DemoQ: Crazy men and Women DemoQ: Intelligent Poets and singers CAT-level DemoQ: Sweet Testing Apples (CAT) DemoQ: Working mother nurses (CAT) DemoQ: 4 questions in 1! Special Conversions Complimentary pairs Tricky Situations: Priority order Tricky Situations: 1-Statement Conclusion Summary Introduction to Syllogism There … Read More


[Statistics 4GS] Finding Maximum age among youngest 30% of brides, Cumulative Frequency KPSC Exam Q

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Concept/Principle Scale on X-axis Scale on Y-axis Finding 30% brides Practice questions In a marriage hall 120 marriages were held in a particular year. The age distribution is as shown below Determine the maximum age among youngest 30% of brides. Age No. of Brides 18-20 12 20-22 30 22-23 30 23-24 22 24-26 18 26-28 8 Concept/Principle Original question: Determine … Read More


[Speed Time Work] Three men can finish a work in x days, share in wages & other special cases

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Prologue Case: three men start the work simultaneously. Case: Three Men Start Working One After Another Case: Share in Daily Wage Case: Share in money after work finished? Case: Time equations: set of two people working Case: Time Ratios are given Prologue Speed Time work questions routinely appears in almost every aptitude exam A can complete a piece of work in … Read More


[Aptitude] Concepts of Marked Price and Successive Discounts (Profit-Loss) without (stupid) formulas

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Profit, Loss, Discount, Marked Price = all of them are mere extension of Percentage calculation concept. And they can be solved effortlessly, without mugging up any formulas. What is Discount? What is successive discount? Case: Successive vs One Time Discount? What is marked price? Case: Finding Marked Price from Profit % Case: Finding marked price from Selling price Case: Finding % Profit … Read More


[Statistics 4GS] Scatter-plot Graph Question from GS (Mains) 2012: Solution, Explanation, Sample Graph

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This was asked in General Studies (Mains) 2012, Paper II of UPSC Civil Service Exam Scale on Y axis Scale on X axis Correlation between two variables? More work=More errors? The following table gives the number of mistakes made by 16 data entry clerks who enter medical data from case report forms. The column Entered indicates the number of values … Read More


[Aptitude] Data Interpretation (DI): Bar and Pie chart practice Questions with Explanation

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@CSAT/IBPS aspirants. First solve these two DI (Data Interpretation) sets on your own, using pen and paper. Then scroll down and check answer/explanations/shortcuts. Time: 30 mins. Correct Ans: 1 m, Wrong answer=-0.33 m. Data Interpretation  Set#1: Pie Chart DI Set#2: Pie-Chart CO2 Emission DI Set #3: Bar graph on Profit-loss Solution Set#1: Pie Chart with Shortcuts Solution: Set #2: CO2 … Read More


[Aptitude] Long Division, Two-Digit Division, % Calculation without Tears (and without boring Vedic Maths) using % Approximation Method

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Ok this isn’t about boring vedic maths technique so don’t run away, yet! One of  the biggest problem with IBPS/Bank, SSC, CAT, CMAT type of exams= you’ll encounter long division and percentage (%) calculation every now and then, directly or indirectly (in Data interpretation questions). And If you’re not good with speed maths, you’ll waste a lot of time in … Read More


[Studyplan] CAT 2012 (Common Admission Test): Booklist, Strategy, Tips, How to Get more than 95 Percentile by maintaing diary of mistakes

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Before starting CAT preparation or dreaming to get admission in IIMs, one must take three oaths. Paheli Kasam [First Oath] There are two types of CAT aspirants. Those who’re sharp in maths so they just keep doing maths 24/7 because it feels “good“, but don’t touch the English portion. (Vocabulary, Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension) Those who’re weak in maths (myself … Read More