[Economic Survey] Ch12: Sustainable Development, Millennium Development Goals, MDG, SDG, NAPCC, WTO Solar subsidies

[Act 1] MDG, SDG, Kyoto Agreements #1: Millennium Development goals (MDG) MDG & India Budget 2014 on sustainable Development #2: Sustainable Development goals (SDG) #3: Kyoto and WARSAW #4: Fodder: Future agreements #5: Fodder: Emission cuts vs India [Act [...]

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[Environment] Doha COP18/UNFCC: Extension of Kyoto, Green Climate Fund, AAU issue, challenges explained

3 COPS under UNFCC 17th COP, Durban (2011)? 18th COP Doha (2012) Outcomes? Kyoto extended Agreement for 2020 Misc outcomes in DOHACOP11 1.Gender balance, 2.Vulnerable junta 3.LDCs, 4.Web registry 5.PR, 6.Forestry 7.Capture n Store, 8.Tech transfer 9.Fallout Problem/Challenges @DohaCOP18 [...]

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[Environment] COP 11 – Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Hyderabad 2012 Outcomes, Bushmeat, Empty Jungle syndrome

Intro COP Conferences under CBD India and CBD COP11(HYDCBD): Outcomes/ Agreements #1: CASH #2: Ocean #3 Online forum #4: Bushmeat #5: Champions and their pledges #6: Nagoya Ratification #7:Misc Intro When it comes to environment protection, climate change, wildlife [...]

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