[Modi Diplomacy] Part 4/4: Summit Style diplomacy with Japan, China, USA- achievements and limitations

Prologue Summit-style diplomacy Strategic relations Trade & investment Infrastructure Railways Transport corridors Nuke Energy Environment and disaster Management Space science public health Culture tourism Limitations of Summit Style diplomacy Prologue So far we’ve covered three meetings of Modi with [...]

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[Modi Diplomacy] Part 3/4: USA Visit- Strategic, Economic, Energy agreements, outcomes

Mind map: India-USA after Modi visit Strategic relations Economy and Trade Environment-Energy Space-Science-public health Overall Sidetopics Modi @Madison Square Modi reform: OIC, PIO, NRI Totalization pact with USA Why Modi did not pledge troops/jets against ISIS? Mock questions [feature_headline [...]

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[Modi Diplomacy] Part 1/4: Japan Visit, Tokyo Declaration, US-2 Amphibian aircraft, JENESYS 2.0 Kyoto Varanasi Pact

Prologue Mindmap: Gist of Modi’s Japan visit Strategic: India-Japan Economy: India-Japan Energy-Environment: India-Japan Science-Space-Healthcare People 2 People: India-Japan Side topics #1: Indo-Jap Nuclear deal #2: Japan doesn't like MAT. NOT ONE BIT #3: US-2 Amphibian aircraft Mock questions Prologue [...]

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