[World History] Interwar Years, Hitler-Nazism, Mussolini-Fasism, Second World War- causes, events, outcomes Summary

PrologueWH/WW2: Interwar Years (1919-39): League of nationsWH/WW2: Hitler-the Rise of Nazism in GermanyWH/WW2: Mussolini-the Rise of Fascism in ItalyWH/WW2: Second World War- Factors and CausesWH/WW2: Second World War- Events and OutcomesPrologue Last part of Pratik Nayak’s lecture series on [...]

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[World History] Russia Revolution (1917), First World War (1914-19): Causes, Events, Outcomes

PrologueWH: Russian Revolution/P1- Socio Economic CausesWH: Russian Revolution/P2- Political Causes, Events, OutcomesWH-WW1/P1: First World War: Background eventsWH-WW1/P2: First World War- Events SummaryWH-WW1/P3: First World War- Causes SummaryWH-WW1/P4: First World War- Outcomes SummaryPrologue Pratik Nayak continues further with the world [...]

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[World History] Redrawal of Boundaries, Reunification of Italy and Germany; Vienna Congress & Metternich System

PrologueWHRd/P1: Redrawal of National boundaries: Meaning & factorsWHRd/P2: Vienna Congress & Metternich SystemWHRd/P3: Reunification of ItalyWHRd/P4: Reunification of GermanyPrologue In past lecture, Pratik Nayak covered the American and French revolutions for World History for General Studies Mains Paper 1 [...]

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[World History] French Revolution: Causes, Events, Outcomes, Significance; Napoleon Bonaparte- Rise, Reforms & Fall

PrologueWHFr/P1: French Revolution: Political Causes, Divine right theory, Louis XVIWHFr/P2: French Revolution: Socio-Economic & Cultural causesWHFr/P3: French Revolution: Events, National Assembly, Bread RiotsWHFr/P4: French Revolution: Outcomes, Impact, SignificanceWHFr/P5: French Revolution: Napoleon Bonaparte- rise, reforms & fallPrologue In past lecture, [...]

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[GSM2] Comparing Constitution: USA- Presidential election, primaries, Bill of rights, separation of powers, for UPSC GS Mains Paper-2

Prologue CmC/P1: Comparing Constitution: USA- separation of Powers for GSM2 CmC/P2: US Presidential Powers, Election, Primaries for GSM2 Prologue Pratik Nayak covered the American revolution for World History for General Studies Mains Paper 1 (GSM1) Now, continuing on that [...]

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[World History] American Revolution, American Civil War, Declaration of Independence, Boston Tea Party; factors, outcomes, events, analysis for UPSC Mains GS Paper1

Prologue WHUS/P1: American Revolution: Factors responsible WHUS/P2: American Revolution: Events & Reactions WHUS/P3: American Revolution: Outcomes of WHUS/P4: American Civil War- factors, events, outcomes Prologue Shri Pratik Nayak begins world history lecture series for the UPSC Civil services (Mains) [...]

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