[ACIO] Result for ACIO 2013 exam declared, More than 3000 selected, call letters uploaded, interviews start from 13th January, What to prepare for interview

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  1. What to prepare for interview?
  2. Documents to bring in interview
  3. Proforma font problem
  4. Contact details/Helpdesk/RTI

ACIO written exam was conducted in 15 September 2013. Result was declared few days back, but in case some of the players are still unaware:

Successful Roll numbers: http://mha.nic.in/sites/upload_files/mha/files/WrittenResultOfACIO-IIEx-2013.pdf

Call letters for Successful candidates: https://www.onlinesubmit.in/mha/

Around ~3900 candidates shortlisted for ~750 final vacancies. Meaning interview post to candidate ratio is slightly higher than 1:5. In most exams it is 1:3)

@Those who couldn’t make it

Many Good exams coming soon- SSC CGL 2014, Punjab and Maharahstra PSC and many more.

Find out the cause of defeat (low preparation of current / theory /aptitude) and rectify your studies accordingly. Failure in one exam doesn’t make you loser. Hard working person will always meet Success sooner or later.

@Those who cleared the written ACIO exam

You can download call letters from here: https://www.onlinesubmit.in/mha/

Interviews will commence from January 13 to January 25, 2013. That means less time for celebration and more time for interview preparation.

What to prepare for interview?

From the 2012’s recruitment round, many Players had posted their interview experiences in the comments below the following article:


so just go through them to get a feel of how the interview goes. Note: every page contains 50 comments and interview experience sharing starts from comment page number 5.

Some tips (from those comments)

  1. 60% on your biodata. (Why do you want to join IB? Educational background, terminology, hobbies)
  2. 30% on current issue (mostly national and regional. + some current related to neighboring countries from IB/security/terrorism angle.)
  3. 10% intelligence system of India.
  4. If you are not fluent in English practice it, as sometimes panel member may insist that you answer a particular question in english.
  5. For some people it was for 5 mins and for some it went upto 20 mins.
  6. In the panel, one member will be observing you and taking notes.

(for more, go through the comments in the link I gave above.)

How to prepare the “introduction or tell me about yourself?”,
that is explained in the IBPS interview prep. article, and the funda remains similar  for ACIO as well. Click ME

how to prepare graduation related question,

that is also explained IBPS interview and the funda remains similar  for ACIO as well. Click ME
After Interview : if you are selected , Medical Test and Police Verification follows.

Documents to bring in interview

  1. Original certificates in support of age, educational
  2. qualifications (Matriculation onwards including mark sheets), other qualifications along with an attested photocopy of each of the documents;
  3. Original certificate in support of belonging to
    1. OBC/SC/ST/Ex-serviceman/J&K resident category issued from the competent authority in the prescribed proforma along with an attested photocopy thereof;
    2. Original certificates in support of claimed achievements in Sports/Games and other extracurricular activities along with an attested photocopy of each of the documents.
  4. A photo identity proof like voter ID card, PAN card, passport, driving license or any other valid proof to verify his/her identity.
  5. Candidates belonging to OBC category and claiming benefits thereunder must bring their OBC  certificate in the proforma meant for appointment to the posts under Government of India as published in the advertisement (copy enclosed) and not for State Government jobs. If they fail to do so, they will not be allowed to appear in the interview. Certificate in any other proforma will not be accepted in any case.
  6. One copy each of Attestation Forms (A.F.) and Special Security Questionnaire (SSQ) may also be downloaded which are required to be filled in by the candidate for carrying out Character & Antecedents verification wherever required. These forms may please be filled in for all the columns correctly and completely and in case the space provided in any of the column is not sufficient for furnishing the information sought, the candidate can utilize an extra sheet. This is, however, made clear that issuance and filling up of the attestation form (AF) and SSQ at this stage does not mean that the candidate has been or would be necessarily selected to the post of ACIO-II/Exe. The duly filled in AF and SSQ forms are required to be deposited by the candidate on the day of interview.
  7. The candidate is advised to bring this interview letter without which he/she would not be allowed entry. It may be made clear that no request for change of date and place would be entertained.

Proforma font problem

To all those having font  problem in ACIO proforma PDF file, here is the correct version
And for all the remaining files related to OBC certificate format, notification etc. use this folder:

Contact details/Helpdesk/RTI

Email: helpdesk.mha2013@gmail.com

Phone: 91 8800325462 (10AM-6PM / Monday-Friday) & (10AM-4PM/Saturday)

Address (to send letter querries)

Assistant Director/Exam,

Intelligence Bureau,

Ministry of Home Affairs,

35, S.P. Marg,

New Delhi-110021.

Mrunal recommends

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  1. Hi xyz..
    I dnt knw if my verification is over. .1 ib official visited 2 weeks bak..n askd 4 my work experience letter n address of my brother’s work place. .
    No 1 4m delhi police has visited yet .
    wat abt u?
    How was ur exp?
    Wat doc did he ask 4?
    N were do u stay in delhi??

    1. hii amit….wen IB person came at my place for verification…even i was nt at home…my mom attended him..he did nt asked for any document..

      1. does any1 hav any clue about wen dey r going to commence d training of 1st batch…..n for how long dey ll send us to gangtok??

        1. I askd d ib person who visited abt training in gangtok..
          he said it will last 4 around a month..cud b more than that if required..

          1. thanx vikram for d info…o god….kindly give us sme clue…do u hav any clue about wen dey r going to start d training??
            2- candidates whose verification has been completed r going to join 1st batch??

          2. First batch of training cn be expected 2 begin in august end or later.as police verification n medical is still left 4 many of us..a guy KD in dis blog wrote dat he visited ib office of his region n they told him joining letter may come in august..
            2) it is not necessary 2 have slot in first batch.i hav read blogs of blogs of candidates of d last batch on dis site. .there r many candidates in d last batch whose verification started early bt got joining letter past 1 or 2 batches.nly IB knows d criteria 4 calling candidates..

  2. I m from bhind nd u?
    they collected all educational certficates nd documents you have submitted at the time of interview.

  3. Any news on verification from Jharkhand? Please post if anyone has been contacted by IB/Police.

    1. I guess they are not willing to come to jharkhand.

      1. Good news. I has started.

          1. Who.where. Please tell me more about it?

      2. Jamshedpur. Process is same as mentioned above by others.

        1. Sir, can you please mention your verification process in greater detail? Did you ask the IB officer any questions about training? Please tell us

          1. Hi Rambler..
            did IB person say nythng abt first training batch..??
            Or any other imp info u want 2 share..

  4. hiii guyz…any update about medical??….i think dey r going to take sme more time..around 2-3 months more becoz ACIO WT/ TECH batch is still waiting to go on training…n dey had their written exam in march 2013…..n the final list consists of only 81 candidates…n we have 750 candidates…..hav to go through sme more waiting…

  5. Yes, it has begun. Today I received a call from the bureau officer asking for the details of my sister.He revealed that it may take a week for the completion of my verification and further more about a month for joining.
    Surprisingly he told that first batch amongst us is scheduled to be started by second week or July.

    1. Second week of july..??
      Well it seems difficult 2 believe..

      1. Exactly!! Therefore I say surprisingly. He reiterated that my verification shall be over within a week and joining in next one to one and half months. I suppose September end. Good news let’s hope for the best.

        1. hii saurabh….thanx for sharing d info….bt we hav nt heard about getting any medical letter or joining letter from any candidate here on dis site…..god knows wat is happening…..

          1. Wahi to yaar there should be some sort of transparency to the recruitment process.

  6. Hi sir
    ? 2 do when none of option is true in ssc cgl exam ????

  7. Is here any1 who has received any call or letter of medical n joining letter….it would be grt to share d info wid other anxious candidates….thanx in advance…:)

  8. What might be the strength of each batch at shivpuri..if anybody knows..!! And can anybody provide me the contact no.of any IB personnel…we have cleared their whole procedure even then we r waiting like losers..

    1. Appox. Strength wud b around 100-120..

      which state do u belong 2..??

      1. I belong to haryana..wt bout u ??

        1. I belong 2 delhi. .

  9. my verification done any idea abt joining????

  10. good to hear that urs hv started. but d training date is really very surprising. I hv inquired from d verification officer n he wished me all d best and to b patient. but it’s got to late to b more patient. dekhte h aur kitna wait karwayenge ye IB wale. in this waiting period checking comments of our future colleagues on this blog is proving a stress buster to some extent. thanx to mrunal sir.

    1. Didn u ask him when d training cud start for d frst batch..i mean expected month..when i was verified he told me to be patient and that it could start around sept oct..

      1. I am yet to be verified, I just received a call 2days back and I was enquired of my family details. He assured that I will get verified within a week. But monsoon has taken over and I guess nothing can be done lol. Anyways he did say one batch has begun. Hopefully some of us will board the second batch.Wish you luck and mrunal sir you I owe you a lot. :)

        1. Hii saurabh..thanks 4 d info..
          I think the batch that has begun cannot b of acio 2013..it could b of acio 2012 reserve list batch or acio wt/tech..

        2. Hii saurabh..thanks 4 d info..
          I think the batch that has begun cannot b of acio 2013..it could b of acio 2012 reserve list batch or acio wt/tech….

          1. No.I asked him whether the current batch is for 2013, he reiterated 2014!! May be he was himself not aware.

    2. is there any news regarding joining or medical??
      pls frnds just update ur views it will be helpful for all of us…..

  11. 2013 ka first batch from July 7 th. call letters received for some guys in hyderabad. Not everyone who got enquiry finished has appointment letters. Best wishes guys.

    1. It’s impossible..how can IB send d joining letters with few days in between. .
      #bhai..sumbody gave u utterly absurd info..

    2. Its strange..medical bhi to hona tha bich me..aise ekdm se joining kse ho skti h call letter to ek mhina phle aata h 2 din phle thodi…

      1. Guyz i think acio wt/ tech ke call letters dispatch kiye gye honge…becoz wo batch acio (execu.) Se bhi pehle se wait kar rha
        Hai…so its jst nt possible for our batch….secondly i had enquired by the IB officer dat where d batch of acio tech will get training from??…. he said their training centre is at dehradun….for d post of security assistant its jodhpur…

        1. Or may dere are sme waiting list candidates are left of 2012 batch who are going to join before us….if dis info is authentic..

          1. hi parul……my verification completed in the month of may 2nd week…n my registration comes in the 3rd page GM list…
            what abt yours….thank u

        2. First batch has started on 7 th of July,,yesterday an IB officer visited my place and enquied about me.I asked him about training and job profile ,he told me that first batch has stared and nothing about job profile.I am hoping to get second batch as he told me.

    3. He is giving correct info..ppl are receiving call letters thru speed post..they got it a few days ago.

      1. Hii ryan. It is quite believable dat Candidates r receiving call letters . .bt as our frend said batch is going 2 start from 7 July dat is sumthng impossible. .

        Also do u hav ny info ppl 4m which state hav received ??

        1. its highly confusing….n depressing….wat is going on?…not a single clear intimation from d deptt about the following process after verification….wat to believe n wat not to….guyz if any1 from dis site receives any letter regarding joining or medical, den kindly do write here,so dat we all cn get sme clue.thanx

          1. ya.. I too still waiting for medical form from dere.. if any of u guy has some link in IB den please take out some info from dere about it..

    4. yep..even a couple of my frnds frm hyd got the calls to report this 7th..(july 2014)..
      not all who r done with the verfcatn got d calls…
      guys who r joining on 7th ,pls do help othrs with the info abt the next batches n the tentative dates…wish u all good lk..

    5. If this is d case…..it means 2nd batch vl start in september???
      Any1 here frm CHD??

  12. yes guys, the first batch of training to be scheduled on 07.07.2014 one of my friends from hyderabad received the call letter.

    1. Thats very surprising…it was expected to start in aug but anyways its good ..sooner they start sooner v get d call..

      if not in dis then may b next.

    2. Thanks for d info…after how many months could we xpct the next batch??

      1. A batch in shivpuri usually lasts for 2 months..

        1. My verification got over yesterday. IB official told that batch in shivpuri is for 6 months + 2 months delhi + 1 month sikkim = 9 months total

          1. hey sanjay..if what that official said is true then it will take more than 4 years for the last batch to be called for training…lol,,
            Different officials giving diff info.. really dnt know which 1 to believe on..
            and now a new thing first batch from tomorrow..that’s quite UNBELIEVABLE.!! No medical..nothing..what does that mean? ,medical will be done at shivpuri n those who fail will b sent back..
            and how would candidates reach there at such short notice..
            Is IB providing Tatkal tickets or economy class air fare..>>??

            If still this news is true then its really unprofessional attitude 4m IB..
            N if not- I request candidates not 2 spread such rumors..

          2. Hi sanjay, the ib officer who came for verification told the same thing as above…..

        2. amit i think shivpuri police training lasts for 3 months, but not for 2 months, then they will be sent to delhi for i b training.

      2. hi guys first batch lasts till sep.5th and we can expect the 2nd batch from sep.2nd week. the info. am posting is very genuine.

        1. Last year the batch was for 75 days exact. heck previous years comments.

        2. hiii sruzan….do u hav any info about d training of girls and d work profile dey get as acio 2….if u hav any info den plz do share …thanx..

    3. Hi Sruzan…. Mana joining date extend chesukovadaniki emaina chances unnaya ….. Mee friend ni adigi telusukova okasari….

      1. hi Sat i have approached IB headquarters,New delhi and in the appointment letter also they have strictly mentioned that no extension of joining is entertained under any circumstances.

        1. Hii sruzan..did u visit IB headquarter in delhi???

        2. Hey bro..actually m from ncr delhi n i give higher preference to delhi police sub inspector,the prelims of which has already been conducted and mains is on 21st sept..if my name comes in the second batch then will they allow me to appear in the test and physical(in oct)…as the grade pay of both is same…and will they allow us to have some study time…bro i’ll be more than thankful to u n ur frnd if u could help me with this..i thought i would try n ask for some extension for joining which u hav already confirmed from IB is strictly prohibited

          1. You can give exams during training, its not a problem. But do not expect any preparation time during training.

    4. hi srujan….dis is ravi…iam from hyderabad…iam preparing for civils …i had done my varification on june..can u give ur numger pls …i want to talk to u once ????pls anna…my mobile is lost….so…

      1. hi ravichand….its ravi here.m also 4m hyd.i too had done with my verification….where do u stay in hyd?

        1. in x road???n u?? 9010998333 dis is my frd..no ..can u cak that no…then i cal back u?

          1. hi ravichand i stay in gandhi nagar hyd…today i recieved my appointment letter….joining is on 22-09-2014

      2. hi ravichand. post ur comments regarding anything related to acio i will try to reply as far as i know the genuine information.

        1. Hey sruzan when is the next batch? August 1st week or September 2nd week?

          1. hi sanjay 1st batch ends on sep5th and the trainees are noticed to report in delhi on sep8th so as the case of 2nd batch is concerned most probably it will be in sep 2nd week.

          2. Thank you sruzan.. One more question. Are the trainees informed about the mountaineering course after Delhi?

        2. hi sruzan…pls help me..i n my friend verification took place same date, i mean almost 1 week difference.he got the appointment letter n joined the training but i dint get till now..shall i visit my regional DCIO office once n get confirmed?r what should i do? thanks in advance….

          1. hi ravinarayan! having done with verification is not only the factor to get call letter, but there are many i think so like community, merit and the accomodity capacity of the training center and only 30-40 members of 2013 batch were received the call letters and they are combined with the last batch people of 2012.

  13. Hello frends…
    It is req to every1 who has received or will receive call letter 2 plz share the info here..will b helpful 4 other candidates..



  15. Will they allow a candidate to has been selected in some other exam to leave the training in between the full term of 9 months…bond amount not a problm but will they allow to leave training in between..help me guys m in a dilemma..

  16. Will they allow a candidate who has been selected in some other exam, to leave the training in between the full term of 9 months…bond amount not a problm but will they allow to leave training in between..help me guys m in a dilemma..

  17. Now it has become impossible for me to wait, till date NO information whatsoever……

  18. Hi guys. Just had a small talk with an IB officer over phone. He confirmed that 1st batch is starting from 1st week of August. He said people getting their verification done around now will be probably joining in 2nd batch(1st week oct). He said joining Letter will be sent a month before along with medical check up detail. Medical isn’t very tough. Anyone going through their verification should ensure they get whatever they ask for. Cheers!

    1. Hiii…i jst wanted to ask u dat if 1st batch is going to report on 7th july..dat is today…as per other people’s info….den how cme 1st batch is reporting in 1st week of august…???….please clarify…its highly confusing..

      1. I think info provided by sruzan is authentic as one of his friend has his joining today..different IB officials say different things..some of them themselves don’t know when d batch will start…the official who came for my verification said it would be in october lolz..those officials are mostly head constables(i askd him wht his rank was) they don’t know actual dates so just chill frnz..

        1. They are actually acio’s atleast the ones who came to my place.

          1. True.

          2. That means we will also be going around doing verification of candidates next time!

    2. HI rambler… one of my friend joined 1st batch(7th july-5th sep) shivapuri….is that they r conducting 2 batches simultaneously?bcoz as u said 1st week of august?
      thanks in advance……….

  19. hello balram. as I hv inquired abt medical from acio2012 that medical certificate from local chief medical officer is sufficient. no further medical process will come in d way till training. so guys just wait for call letters.

    1. Thnks a lot frnd..did u ask him about d job profile of acio..wht r d powers of an acio n do we get some study tym during our training..!!

      1. In a way, job satisfying. Pay is ok, work is ok, frustrating at times, but still manageable. Not much social life, real life “Tiger” has no time for Katrina. He is not “Ek THA” but “Ek HI Tiger”. Work environment is not what you expect from an intelligence organization. It is as inefficient as any sarkari office, if not more. But still it is successful ONLY because of max 10% dedicated officers at lower level (ACIO) and higher level (IPS). Patriotism is slightly less than Army, but 100 times more than (State)Police. Zero tolerance towards terrorism. You’ll learn that when you join. As of now, (I have) no plans to leave but I don’t see myself continuing more than 3yrs (in this job). My intention is to give as much info to the ACIO aspirants, as I am legally allowed to, so that

        They can come in mentally prepared and know what to expect from this job.
        They know their rights and strengths. (Regarding leaving job, getting No Objection Certificates (NOC) to write other exams etc.) Because no one will tell them these later on. I do this because no one gave me this info when I joined and I faced difficulties.
        I’m not discouraging anyone from joining. I’m trying to give people an idea of what lies ahead so that they are not overwhelmed later. If some guy who lives in a fantasy of johnny depps and james bonds cant digest it, not my problem. I have seen people coming in with high expectations only to end up disappointed. (Therefore I’m providing) both positives and negatives. Although, I admit, negatives seem more in number.
        After posting, you’ll have ample free time, but in a difficult situation, it is difficult to enter in a studious mindset. But serious candidates will clear UPSC even in such situations. I have given the (following) picture from an average candidate’s viewpoint.

        ACIO Training
        Initial training (phase 1)

        Your initial training in Shivpuri will be mostly physical. Running for 1.5 KMS in the morning, followed by 2 hours of exercise. Then “classes”-totally useless 5th standard stuff taught. Utterly useless. Again, exercise in the evening and bed by 10.30PM. This is for 2 months in Shivpuri. Salary in hand (during training): 20,000/- to 25000/-.
        Good news is, most of your salary will stay in your bank account as you will not have to spend on anything except food (mess fees- 5 thousand per month).
        Save this money, it will be useful if you want to pay the bond amount and leave in the first few months of job posting. You will more or less enjoy this period of training and make good friends. For UPSC candidates, bad news. NO TIME TO STUDY AT ALL! NOT EVEN 30 minutes per day!
        Trainees get holidays to write other exams (Ex:UPSC mains) during the training period if they give a written request. This will be good news to those who have training during 2013 mains.

        Second training (phase 2)

        Second training in Delhi. Theory classes from morning till evening. NO PHYSICAL TRAINING. Some lectures by IPS officers are worth listening to, rest are crap.
        You will be allowed to roam around in Delhi in the evening. This is for 2 months also. UPSC candidates, here also, no time to study.
        Salary in hand: same as in shivpuri( 20 – 25 thousand). you will enjoy this period of training too, have fun with friends you have made in Shivpuri. But sadly, you will not have any more fun in IB for 3 MORE YEARS.

        First Job Posting

        now getting to the SERIOUS STAGE. This stage will teach you a lot about yourself. You will go through some seriously tough circumstances. Enough build-up, here it is-

        FIRST JOB POSTING: 99% border area, (kashmir or northEast)
        (Although) I found out that from recent years (2009 perhaps) ACIO recruits need not compulsorily undergo border posting after joining. Lucky buggers. They are safe in mainland India, and will have a work atmosphere of a typical sarkari office. So that depressing and scary picture i gave is nothing to worry about now. But they will have to serve in the border at SOME TIME in their career. Border posting wont be too big a problem for an acio with 3 – 4 years service unlike a fresh ACIO recruit. having said this, a very small portion of new recruits are posted in the border for a year or so.
        women candidates are treated with slight leniency during posting. They may choose NOT to serve in the border initially. Boys, sorry about that.
        Superiors are arrogant, subordinates are kaam-chors. You will be given accommodation in police quarters. There is danger at work, but nothing to be scared of as long as you don’t do anything STUPID.
        You will have to go and collect info from people whenever your superior (DCIO) asks you to. He might make your life difficult. You WILL be very lonely. You will have no friends to help you, no one to care about you. No one will teach you how to collect info. you will have to learn on your own. You will feel that your work is useless. You will have ZERO power. Even police constable will have 10 times more power than you. Aap bas naam ke hi “OFFICER” honge. You will be not be given ANY important work. you will feel useless No desh seva and all.
        But good thing is, No one will punish you if you are unable to collect info. You WILL be yelled at by your superior, but he CANNOT do anything more. DONT DO ANYTHING STUPID THERE. YOU MAY DIE. The police and army people will know who you are (IB guy) and they WILL NOT cooperate with you. You will go through hell. Most of the time, you will not know what to do.
        On the bright side, you will not have too much work. You will have time to study. But most probably, you will be so depressed that you WILL NOT be able to study. This will go on for 3 years. 80 – 90 % of people pay the bond amount (60,000 rupees) and quit before the first year, Good thing is, IB will not create problems if you want to leave. you can even quit one month after your job posting if you find it difficult. No one can stop you from leaving your job, so dont worry. Just keep the bond amount (60,000/-) ready.
        Also, NOC certificate to write other exams will be given without much problem. you will have to write a letter to your boss. He will have to compulsorily give permission within 15 days. but permission will be given only if the job you are applying for is of higher pay grade than ACIO-II
        If you survive the 3 years IN HELL, you will be given the actual IB training. James Bond ishtyle!! Your job will 90% be in your home state. You will do ACTUAL IB work. chasing terrorists, keeping country safe and things like that.
        You can take your spouse with you during posting, except Kashmir. Spouses might not be allowed there. Enquire during training to be fully sure.

        ACIO medial / physical standards

        We have guys who wear glasses. So if your vision can be corrected by wearing glasses, that must not be a problem. You’re fine. relax.
        I have seen candidates worrying about things, even little things, and it is understandable. I will say something to clear the doubts of all those people- it’s not army or air force. It is IB, a police job. medical aur baaki sab test bas naam ke hi hain.
        (When you get selected) your offer letter will have info in detail. But if you hav a serious condition like asthma, heart problem or low/high BP etc. Get test done PROPERLY and tell IB about it when they ask u. Because during posting in border area, medical help may not be readily available.

        (Some more info from other sources)

        IB men usually don’t carry guns (unless on deputation in CRPF, SPG etc.)
        IB men cannot arrest people by themselves.
        IB men cannot tell everyone that “I work in IB.”
        In Tier-III city you get more than 35000 Salary per month as an ACIO-II.


        ACIO II => ACIO I =>DCIO (Gazetted officer) => Additional Director of IB => Joint Deputy director of IB.
        In the span of around 8-14 years, you’ll be a DCIO. (different sources tell different number about how many years it takes to get DCIO promotion.)
        DCIO= Pay Band-3 of Rs.15600-39100 with Grade Pay of Rs.5400/- (=salary roughly the same as Junior scale IAS.)
        Although vacancies are low as you move up in the hierarchy, so not everyone gets every promotion. Most people retire at the DCIO or Additional Direct level.


        You can also get deputed to CRPF, SPG, RAW, Airport protection but you’ve to pass departmental exams.
        You may even get opportunity to work in foreign country.

        1. Excellent. Thank you so much.

        2. Thank you so much writing a big thing like this.Will help me a lot and will set my expectation accordingly :D thank you again

  20. guys . the documents which we have to take to shivpuri are as follows.

    1.ssc original with three attested photocopies

    2.graduation/P.G etc., original with three attested photocopies.

    3.for OBC candidates- original obc certificate in the format prescribed during our interview.

    4.guys open savings SBI a/c, get ready with PAN card etc.,

    5. for SC/ST – original certificates

    6.photo id card( voter id/pan/adhar)

    other miscellaneous.

    1. two full sleeves white shirts and one white pant/trouser

    2. one mosquito net.

    1. Hey sruzan thnks for d info..can u plz ask one more thing from ur frnd who has joined today…?? Actually i have given sm other exams also and their results will come after some months or so..in case my joining comes in the second batch,can i leave d training in between..?? Whichever acio knows regarding this query, plz help me.. ;)

      1. hi balram ib is strict about the surety bond and by paying 60000/- you can leave it. the organisation is very clear to issue noc as the people who are not motivated can leave at any time.

        1. Thnx a lot bro..

        2. hi sruzan thanks for ur valuable information….me n one of my frnd from a.p has got done with verification on same date but he joined in 1st batch(7th jul-5th sep) but still i dint get my appointment letter…could u please tell me when does 2nd batch starts?as i have some exams in between…thanks in advance………

          1. Hii ravinarayan…..can u plz tell us on which date ur verification was done….so dat we can get sme clue….plus on which page ur roll no was dere on d final result pdf file….thanx in advance…

          2. Hello. I am from AP. My verification was done almost 1 month ago. Till now, didn’t get any joining letter or so. Can someone let me know when my joining will be probably? Thanks in advance!

        3. hi sruzan…….u r doing good job by providing genuine informations…could u pls tell me that when does 2nd batch starts???thanks in advance..

          1. Hii ravinarayan….my verification was completed 2 nd week of june….urs was completed in may???….strange….i hav heard dat IB had started verification after may 20…

          2. hi ravinarayan as per the mandate of the training center and the previous experience of the trainees the gap b/w the respective two batches will not be more than 15-20 days so we can expect the second batch in sep.2nd week.

          3. Hi Guys! I also got verified by IB people on 22nd June but after that no info..I am currently working with a private firm and have already tendered resignation as there was 2 months notice period..now if i don’t get into 2nd batch i have to sit idle. I have just one query..Is there any link between the appearance of your roll no. on pages of PDF file and joining and secondly are only those verified who are going to join in 1st or 2nd batch…also is joining date decided on merit???? please

  21. as of power acio 2 is allocated money to hire some (4 ) local agents aka mukhbirs. in working areas they r given a lot of power as situations demand or as of seniors wish.
    preparation time is negligent or very less in training period .as it is field job u will hv too much time but it requires strong willpower as ur posting area will be tough to survive.
    it seems true what sruzan commented as my frnd was panicked of mosquito problem in shivpuri. so b ready with a good mosquito net.

  22. as of power acio 2 is allocated money to hire some (4 ) local agents aka mukhbirs. in working areas they r given a lot of power as situations demand or as of seniors wish.
    preparation time is negligent or very less in training period .as it is field job u will hv too much time but it requires strong willpower as ur posting area will be tough to survive.
    it seems true what sruzan posted as my frnd was panicked of mosquito problem in shivpuri. so b ready with a good mosquito net.

  23. guys . the documents which we have to take to shivpuri are as follows.

    1.ssc original with three attested photocopies

    2.graduation/P.G etc., original with three attested photocopies.

    3.for OBC candidates- original obc certificate in the format prescribed during our interview.

    4.guys open savings SBI a/c, get ready with PAN card etc.,

    5. for SC/ST – original certificates

    6.photo id card( voter id/pan/adhar)

    other miscellaneous.

    1. two full sleeves white shirts and one white pant/trouser

    2. one mosquito net.

    1. Sruzan u are doing a great job pls confirm the training period in shivpuri and is there any possibility to know we are in which batch 2nd 3rd …. ??

      1. hi agni the training period in shivpuri is two months (july7th to Sep.5th), this is genuine information displayed on the notice board at shivpuri training center. further there is no way of means to know whether we are in the second batch list or so on.

        1. is there any chance of conducting acio-2 in 2014?. please tell me if anybody having any type of information.

        2. thank u buddy

        3. Hi Sruzan, hope u r doing fine…please can you tell me what type of mobile phones are allowed at shivpuri… can we use our existing bank accounts for salary account….

          1. hi acio’s simple mobile phone without bluetooth and camera are allowed and that to onli in the hostel and we can use our existing SBI sb Account.

          2. Hi Sruzan
            would you mind telling us how we will get call for training I mean via call letter by speed post or Email or Both?
            thanks in advance

          3. @Sruzan – how is the training going on ? thanks for the clarification. I asked about mobile coz I use a Nokia C1-02 non camera but with bluetooth.
            I have an ICICI bank savings account which i plan to continue using as salary account when i join, if that is fine. Are any shortsneeded at shivpuri (white shorts) or shoes(white canvas or sports shoes) for any outdoor activity? Kindly clarify.

          4. hi ayaan call letter will be sent through speed post and one same copy will be despatched to the concerned regional IB office mostly where ur interview is done.

        4. Thanks for the genuine info Sruzan…. hope everything is going fine for you….i asked about mobile coz am using Nokia C1-02 mobile without camera, but with bluetooth, coz i have all my family contact nums in it…. I asked about bank accounts coz – am using an ICICI bank savings account & can i convert it to my salary account and whether if we need to open an SBI savings account for salary account are they particular about it….
          Also, can you please say if we need any white shorts/tracks, white sports or canvas shoes similar to what is specified while reporting for training at the air force board for training….

    2. Hi…myself devendrarai and im appear in 2016 jio/tech exam and now in 2019 December one character and antacedent verification done by ib &police personal but after march 2020 there is no any clue of medical or joining letter please suggest what can i do for that.

  24. There are many of us who posted quite regularly on this blog..and not a single one has got joining letter in spite of the fact that verification started in time.
    And it seems that those who got the letter never posted here..
    WHAT A SITUATION. :) :) :) :)

  25. Anyone has any idea when ACIO 2014 notification might come ?

  26. my verification is going on since 2nd june and still they have not verified my siblings.And as I talk to my district Ib officer he assure me normally candidate will receives joining letter 1 month prior to joining date that means i have little chanses of joining in first batch

  27. @ Sruzan are you sure the batch is for 2 months? Because last year it was for 75 days

    1. its 9/10 weeks in Shivpuri and Delhi each.

  28. Guys just want to confirm if everyone first had an IB verification followed by police verification or only IB verification?because only IB people came to my place.

    1. Don’t worry dude..its like that only

      1. IB officer visited my place 15 July……..but surprisingly he didn’t ask for my documents……is this normal or is there something more than meets the eye

  29. Hello Friends i Found IB Shivpuri Number Tel directory i.e 07492-233824 it was in the name Mr Vishnu Agarwal Asst Dir IB

  30. verification done at my permanent adress..they came at the correspondence adress but i have shifted..but nobody called me..so this verification is pending..what should i do

    1. Hii singh….as per my information…nw u should contact at d IB office n get ur new address updated…else ur verification will get delayed….i had d same case so dats why i had enquired about dis matter from d deptt.

      1. thanks parul, but i am cool about verification bein delayed

    2. you will get letter at your permanent address for your new address….I got the same…

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