[ACIO] Result for ACIO 2013 exam declared, More than 3000 selected, call letters uploaded, interviews start from 13th January, What to prepare for interview

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Unacademy Plus Mrunal Economy for Prelims and Mains UPSC!
  1. What to prepare for interview?
  2. Documents to bring in interview
  3. Proforma font problem
  4. Contact details/Helpdesk/RTI

ACIO written exam was conducted in 15 September 2013. Result was declared few days back, but in case some of the players are still unaware:

Successful Roll numbers: http://mha.nic.in/sites/upload_files/mha/files/WrittenResultOfACIO-IIEx-2013.pdf

Call letters for Successful candidates: https://www.onlinesubmit.in/mha/

Around ~3900 candidates shortlisted for ~750 final vacancies. Meaning interview post to candidate ratio is slightly higher than 1:5. In most exams it is 1:3)

@Those who couldn’t make it

Many Good exams coming soon- SSC CGL 2014, Punjab and Maharahstra PSC and many more.

Find out the cause of defeat (low preparation of current / theory /aptitude) and rectify your studies accordingly. Failure in one exam doesn’t make you loser. Hard working person will always meet Success sooner or later.

@Those who cleared the written ACIO exam

You can download call letters from here: https://www.onlinesubmit.in/mha/

Interviews will commence from January 13 to January 25, 2013. That means less time for celebration and more time for interview preparation.

What to prepare for interview?

From the 2012’s recruitment round, many Players had posted their interview experiences in the comments below the following article:


so just go through them to get a feel of how the interview goes. Note: every page contains 50 comments and interview experience sharing starts from comment page number 5.

Some tips (from those comments)

  1. 60% on your biodata. (Why do you want to join IB? Educational background, terminology, hobbies)
  2. 30% on current issue (mostly national and regional. + some current related to neighboring countries from IB/security/terrorism angle.)
  3. 10% intelligence system of India.
  4. If you are not fluent in English practice it, as sometimes panel member may insist that you answer a particular question in english.
  5. For some people it was for 5 mins and for some it went upto 20 mins.
  6. In the panel, one member will be observing you and taking notes.

(for more, go through the comments in the link I gave above.)

How to prepare the “introduction or tell me about yourself?”,
that is explained in the IBPS interview prep. article, and the funda remains similar  for ACIO as well. Click ME

how to prepare graduation related question,

that is also explained IBPS interview and the funda remains similar  for ACIO as well. Click ME
After Interview : if you are selected , Medical Test and Police Verification follows.

Documents to bring in interview

  1. Original certificates in support of age, educational
  2. qualifications (Matriculation onwards including mark sheets), other qualifications along with an attested photocopy of each of the documents;
  3. Original certificate in support of belonging to
    1. OBC/SC/ST/Ex-serviceman/J&K resident category issued from the competent authority in the prescribed proforma along with an attested photocopy thereof;
    2. Original certificates in support of claimed achievements in Sports/Games and other extracurricular activities along with an attested photocopy of each of the documents.
  4. A photo identity proof like voter ID card, PAN card, passport, driving license or any other valid proof to verify his/her identity.
  5. Candidates belonging to OBC category and claiming benefits thereunder must bring their OBC  certificate in the proforma meant for appointment to the posts under Government of India as published in the advertisement (copy enclosed) and not for State Government jobs. If they fail to do so, they will not be allowed to appear in the interview. Certificate in any other proforma will not be accepted in any case.
  6. One copy each of Attestation Forms (A.F.) and Special Security Questionnaire (SSQ) may also be downloaded which are required to be filled in by the candidate for carrying out Character & Antecedents verification wherever required. These forms may please be filled in for all the columns correctly and completely and in case the space provided in any of the column is not sufficient for furnishing the information sought, the candidate can utilize an extra sheet. This is, however, made clear that issuance and filling up of the attestation form (AF) and SSQ at this stage does not mean that the candidate has been or would be necessarily selected to the post of ACIO-II/Exe. The duly filled in AF and SSQ forms are required to be deposited by the candidate on the day of interview.
  7. The candidate is advised to bring this interview letter without which he/she would not be allowed entry. It may be made clear that no request for change of date and place would be entertained.

Proforma font problem

To all those having font  problem in ACIO proforma PDF file, here is the correct version
And for all the remaining files related to OBC certificate format, notification etc. use this folder:

Contact details/Helpdesk/RTI

Email: helpdesk.mha2013@gmail.com

Phone: 91 8800325462 (10AM-6PM / Monday-Friday) & (10AM-4PM/Saturday)

Address (to send letter querries)

Assistant Director/Exam,

Intelligence Bureau,

Ministry of Home Affairs,

35, S.P. Marg,

New Delhi-110021.

Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

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    1. congrats… where are you from?


  3. it is not the place matters it seems they are sending as per merit list… bcoz who ever got the call letter they are civils aspirants ….

    1. people like you break the spirit of young aspirants,you ******. think before you write!!!

      i think that there must be some lag selected candidates from 2012 batch they must be under training in this JULY BATCH.

      India is in the trench because of thinking like this,DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!

      1. damn it u don’t understand what i had written just learn some English and then comment… earlier some one written that it seems south Indian candidates are getting call letters….
        neither i discourage anyone nor i have written anything abt 2012 batch. I mean to say the fellows who ever got the call letter are more talented than rest.

        1. more over u r the new one to this thread…. see my earlier comments… u ****

  4. anybody from delhi?

      1. Hii amit. .hav u received ur call letter??

        1. vikram are you also from delhi?

          1. Yes raj I m 4m delhi..where r u 4m??

        2. @vikram… i’m also from delhi. have you been contacted for verification? know any delhite who’s recieved joining letter?

          1. Yes Raj, an IB officer visited my home in the second week of june. Collected my job experience letter.
            He told me that sum1 4m police will also come 4 verification. But till now no sign of them.

            N i dnt think any1 4m delhi has received call letter.otherwise sum1 must have posted here.It seems dat candidates from south India r getting letters..

        3. @vikram… did he only take copy of job eperience certificate and not edu.certificates?

          1. Hey raj..I 4 got. .apart 4m exp certificate he took copy of 10th passing certificate. .thats it..nthng else

        4. @vikram – not yet bro… Good luck to you!!

          1. @AMIT SINGH..same 2 u bro..

        5. vikram When Delhi candiadates will get joining letter ???????? any person in contact with u who got the joining letter from delhi?

      2. hey… have they started your verification process?

      3. @amit… if they have contacted you for verification, how did they go about it? did they pay a home visit, collect copies of documents etc.?

        1. @Raj – no such docs on visit.. just made a note of everything as per ssq.. visited in 1st wk of june.. since that day i have been receiving letters from the office seeking the same detail as informed to the gentleman( relieving letters, pay slips, contacts of HRs) in the form of postal reply.. hve been quizzed by various people on phone from diff states as in employment, tenure, residency.. Good luck to you!!

          1. @amit singh… are they asking you for only work/job related documents? and these calls from other states… is it because you’ve lived/worked there in the past?

          1. Hi Amit! Can u tel me that when IB is disclosing reserve list? Expectedly Hw many candidates may get chances from reserve list? Pls tel?

  5. for verification the ib official didn’t come to my place, he just confirmred all my particulars over the phone, that was on june 30th and since then i’ve recieved no communication from the bureau.

  6. Congratulations :)
    Rambler where are you?

    1. Hi Saurabh, sorry could not reply any sooner. Last time I heard from IB guys was on 18th June. Since then they have not contacted me anymore. Someone on the forum was saying that West Bengal guys have started receiving Joining letters. So I guess we must be next in line. If not this batch then surely in the next batch. I will post if something new comes up.

  7. Hey frnds got my joining letter today for secnd batch 22sept. Im frm rajasthan.

    1. hey gpl, tell me about your verification date.

    2. Hii .I m from jaipur n my training will also stary from 22 sept..I will going tommarow to ib office jaipur to sign letter of joining training

      1. Hii BHOPAL SINGH..congrats. .do v have 2 go in person to sign the letter of joining? ?

        @gpl – is d same case 4 u??

        1. Yes they have called me for signing willingness to join ib which they will immediately send to delhi.

          1. hey bhopal frnd do you have their number of jaipur HQ and

          2. have you got the call for going there and signing the letter or is it written in the joining letter you got

          3. I got call from them. I just have mobile no. Of person who called me frm ib.

    3. Hi GPL Bhai,

      Can you please send me your joining letter??

      You can remove your all personal information, I just want to view it…… to know what format they use and things we need to avoid.


      my email id- ashok.tomer2008@gmail.com

      1. buddy u actually nothing need to avoid. i can send u that format but if you hv any particular question regarding anything u cn ask me..i will be grateful to help it out

        1. GPL bhai it’s a very humble request if you can send your joining letter on my email.

          I just want to see it please……….

          my email id is – ashok.tomer2008@gmail.com

    4. I also have joining on 22 sept
      wazz the difference betwen resident certificate & resident nativity certificate?????????

  8. Most of us will get joining in this batch. And there is nothing lik that if smbdy is civil services Aspirants he is only getting cl letter.

  9. Hii every1..many congrats 2 all who have received call letters. .I hav a request 2 all who have or will receive letters. .in case u get chance 2 interact wid an IB officer. .plz ask him abt joining letters 4 north india. Any info wud b very much useful. ..thanks. . :-)

    1. Hii pinky add me in facebook group

  10. call letters are being posted to permanent address or local address?

  11. here are all the details which my fellow need. happy friendship day to all my selected friends.
    i am from rajasthan got my verification completed on 19 june and received my joining letter on 2nd august.. the batch is going to start on 22 september at shivpuri.
    there is no specific pattern following by ib to send the joining letters everybody is getting these from anywhere.
    letters are posted to permanent address by speed post. there is usually upto 10 days differnce between letter dispatched by ib delhi headquarters and leters recieved by you. my letter was dispatched on 26 july and i got the same on 2nd august.
    medical certificate is required… by your district cmo
    I.B is sending pre determined format for the same you just go and complete the checkup this is very basic..nothing to worry..
    they are also attached character cert formats which is to be attestedd by two gazetted officers..
    one thing is crucial after accepting the letter please send a typed letter regarding your willingness to join the ib to delhi as mentioned in the letter within 7 days.. otherwise your candidature shall stand cancelled…. very important..
    only basic phones are allowed…one mosquito net..two white bedsheets..two white shirts..one white pant..navy blue tie,black leather shoes oxford model of bata company….. guys they have mentioned even this…hahahaha
    by the way you also hav to submit there three attested copies of all your relevant documents…
    your thanks will be appreciated..lol..
    all the very best again to all my fellows

    1. Hi GPL..thanks a ton 4 sharing info in so much detail..keep up d good work..all d best bro..

      I hav a question – had sum1 4m police also visited 4 verification? ?

      1. police verification is must. first an head constable from tehsil came to my house to check the all documents and after 10 days a sub inspector from district hq come for verification.. but this differs from person to person.. sometimes they only send one person for verify and this is done..

    2. good work bro. yes we need to send an acceptance letter but they did not mentioned whether it in typed format or hand written. hope both can be accepted. if im wrong please correct me.

      1. yes both are accepted but type the letter and send it to mentioned address.

        1. ohh unfortunately i sent a handwritten acceptance letter one hr back

          1. it is completely ok and do you sent it to delhi address?

          2. yes to delhi address

        2. hi gpl.. are you sure that they will accept the hand written consent letters from us.. also they didn’t mention it anywhere in the letter we received..

          1. @ss… have you recieved joining letter? where are you from?

          2. they will accept but you can type it in word and get a print out after sign this and attach a photograph with it and send it

          3. Hi Raj.. I m from UP

      2. @prudhvi… hi, congrats yaar. where are you from?

        1. Hyderabad. yourself?

          1. @prudhvi… delhi. nobody from delhi has recieved joining letter. it seems they’ve started from south.

          2. Hi Prudhvi, this is ajay from hyderabad. Joining on Sep 22 at Shivpuri. I have a question. Do they provide the travel fare(flight/train) to go to the training centre?

    3. Can u please share ur email address…i need sone information regarding joining of ib sa

  12. hai….prateek..&..asima..me.too,,,in..the..group

    1. hey MFJ ,
      are you appearing for UPSC this yr?? I’m planning to drop it .

    2. Great mfj… it is nice to hv upsc aspirantz as fellow collegues…ashima?why nt civil service ds year?

  13. any information about this year exam??

    1. I dont think mha will conduct ACIO exam this year…… :(

  14. can anyone kows about, internal exam in IB departmaent???Can we get chance to go in CID CBI plz anyone help

    1. @ganesh,is that option there really ?? am doubtful about that

      1. I dnt knw exactly….. so im asking

    2. internal exams are for swapping b/w various lob’s in i.b.
      but cid or cbi doesnt fall in this group

    3. yes on deputation, you can go in some central dept. like cbi, sog, nsg, boi. after 4/5 years of service.
      no departmental exams since 1995.

  15. m posting dis question again… guyz help us out…
    call letters are being sent to which address… present or permanent address
    many of us hav changed their address post selection… so on which address do we expect our letters to come…

    1. n if anyone hav delhi h.o address or contact details…so dat we can enquire

      1. Dear friend.. have patience ;-) let authorities do their task.. Good luck to you!!!

    2. I think u must go to the IB headquartr…sm1 askd dis ques on the previous pages here..go through them

    3. @dileep bhai, the authorities are keen to reach you ;-) just relax and wait for the life changing moment. Best wishes!!!

    4. doesnt matter how many addresses you have change till now the address which they consider is that you mentioned when you applied it means what you have mentioned in filling up the form

  16. @prateek..&asima….I”m..writing..UPSC..but..sum..say..ders..aint..much..time…left..for..studies..during..training….anyhw..planning..to.go.with..preps…and..ders..the..problem…exam.centre..vis-a-vis….training.center

    1. Yup i too heard dt canard that theres no time to stdy durn trainin…guess we have to wait for next yr then

    2. same dilemma and same problem since am also writing upsc,,how to read for mains during training then?

    3. same dilemma… as i read the interview of ACIO himself….1) there will be no single hour to prepare for civil services during training, 2) nearly 90% of candidates will leave with in 1 year paying the bond amount as they are unable to stay in IB…these are the two hurdles for me…….. the question here is what to choose between IBPS PO and IB….. kindly please give me merits and de-merits in both

      1. That acio from where you read is a loner,pessimistic discouraging moron…dont read too mch to his stupid wannabe blog..instead if u wanna knw abt the job ..scroll back this page to earlier pages whete another acio named fighter class gives you an unbiased reality into what really goes on in tat job in real..he has even divulged into details..please read that

        1. heyy…guys…had..a..chat..with…ACIO..of..2009batch…..he..told…nowadays…there..is..time..for..studies..even..training..period..Its..upto..individual..who..makes..out..of.it..

          1. that sounds good really :) because i have to prepare for mains during training :( if possible ask him whether we can shift to other agencies like cid,cbi from ib..thanks. .

  17. Hello Sruzan…. some say that half will leave job within a year. Is it true? If so why? Please clarify …..Also please…. clarify what type of accomodn will we have at Shivpuri/Delhi/Sikkim..?

    1. accomodation at shivpuri is full furnished hostel type.. the rooms will be single seated or sharing basis as per availability. one almirah with locker one bed and other basic furniture is there.

    2. mess facilities are available there in house with no profit no loss basis we have to pay the basic charges for it..apart from that all other facilities like cobbler washerman etc. is available there. one thing is must sbi account must be opened and along with the cheque book is required.. at least 8000 rs along with us is required and recommended by I.B

  18. Received my call letter yesterday. I just have one question, do we have to send the surety bond along with the acceptance letter or do we have to take it with us to shivpuri along with the medical certificate? Its also directed that we should bring white shirt, white trouser etc. Apart from that we should take other formals is it. .the white stuffs may be for early morning drill.. . Please clarify.

    1. Hii KTB..congrats. .
      which state do u belong to? ?

      1. Am from west Bengal.. .

    2. surety bond will go with us and of course we have to take with us other formals also.

      1. The address where we need to send our acceptance letter is just what is written in the letter we received? Am a bit confused because the name of the office or the building is not mentioned there.. .

  19. Any one of you received call letter who’s relatives living in abroad .. if have received , is ib visited there or met them . my ib verification was done in june second weak and special branch verification done by last week june . Any one of you this type of delay?.???

    1. Yep i too receivd that letter from IB headquartr..we have to furnish all the details again in that form and send it through speed post..do it asap..

    2. My brother is working in uae.. ib collected his adress and passports number when they came to my home .but till now they did not complete his verification. so my appointment letter is also delay .

    3. Hi manu – i got my call letter…..my relative is abroad…the IB officer just asked me to share details in written format to him.. dnt knw whether they personally verified the details abroad..or let them know that they are verifying…when i asked he said that is a separate process…
      Please share the details asked by them asap in the format they ask.

      1. my..brother..too..in..UAE……In..the..same..week..when..my…verification..was…done..(June25),I..got..letter..from..IB…..to..resend..the…details..of..ma..brother….I..hv…send..them…by…June..30…After..tat,no..news…..my..bro..told..me..no..one..contacted..him/his..company

        1. Same thing happened with me..from which state u r bro..?

          1. I am from kerala . In my ssq form I mentioned brothers are working in abroad . And wrote their residential address . When ib person came for verification they asked me brothers passport number . So i give passport number in 2nd week of June . After last week of June state special branch for verification . After that no info. Brother said no one contacted him on this matter . What would be …..

          2. heyy..I..too…frm..Kerala

        2. Mfj u r from which district. any contacts . Mail . face book . Phone …..

          1. I..am..frm..tcr

          2. Iam also from kerala.no:7293131089. mfj ,manu pls contact

  20. Can anybody know when exam form of acio ll August 2014 will come? This year exam will be held or not

  21. I hv got my appointment letter on 7th August. today I visited IB subsidiary office at Lucknow regarding willingness letter. they told me that it would b good to attach a xerox of ur photo I’d and address proof.
    the same I hv posted on prescribed address.

    1. Congrats bhai! When did they check your background ?

      1. Hi Rambler, If you do nt mind i want to see your appointment letter.. I am very curious to see it.. Could you please send it to my id.


        2. Hi Rambler, If you do nt mind i want to see your appointment letter.. I am very curious to see it.. Could you please send it to my id.


      2. verification was in 1st week of June.
        yesterday an official from shivpuri contacted me to confirm about joining the batch.

        1. Sherlock bhai many congratulations, thank you for sharing the info.

          Bhai can u please send me your joining letter on my email id- ashok.tomer2008@gmail.com

          I just want to see it, I mean i am very curious to see it, can you please ???

          1. Don’t send any copies of the IB call letter to anyone. It is a violation and your recruitment can be terminated. Whats the use of being an IB officer when you can’t even keep the call letter confidentially? Especially don’t send copies of call letter to strangers on the internet

          2. Thanks Sanjay kalyan you are right.

            Please forgive me, but my concern was to only see the content of call letter, you are right Sanjay guys please don’t share call letter with anyone.

            But if you want to help me, can u please send content of call letter on email body.


        2. @sherlock, you didn’t send “willingness letter” after receiving offer letter?? just want to know whether they will cal all of us even after writing willingness letter? and is there any chance to postpone ?

          1. they called me one day after I hv posted willingness letter to Delhi.

        3. @ Sherlock – even i got a call from S.puri asking for my willingness to join… it was on 20-8-2014…

          1. yea ABC
            I think they r confirming so that none of the seat left vacant in the training batch.

          2. In my opinion, shivpuri officials don’t want to b left the seat vacant in this batch.

          3. What is the address to where you”ll have sent the willingness letters?? Please reply

    2. Congrats bro..thnx for d info…cheers


      2. @Ashok, ur curiosity is natural but as of my knowledge all the important points of 18 page call letter hv been posted by sanjay , GPL, me n others. so don’t worry. Even the phone no of shivpuri caller disappeared surprisingly after his conversation with me. so u can understand the confidential nature of our job.
        I hope u will get ur call letter soon.
        all the best

        1. Thank you Sherlock Holmes, Sanjay & others.

        2. @sherlok holmes..Hi bro..congrats for ur joining letter…I am also from lucknow…My verification go completed in June but after that no communication can you send me your no. at my email id so that I can talk to you and have some clarification as we might have been verified by same person…My email Id is arpits216@gmail.com


  22. every year in which month notification for ACIO is released ??

  23. dosto , iss baar 2014 me ACIO ka notification kab aayega?? kya ACIO ka exam har saal aata hai??

    1. Last year the notification came in the month of june..n xam was on 15th sept…this year it seems quite difficult as of now..anyways hope for d best

  24. I..don’t.think..its..appropriate…to..disclose..contacts..ovr..here

    1. exactly..refrain from any stupidity here by indulging in contacting unknown people here..whatever contacts are to be made shall be made in shivpuri.. :p

    2. Mfj u r right . I am from mlp. Where is your place in trsr

    3. Mfj do u know anyone from kerala got call letter. Where was your interview

      1. Hello…manu….im…from…chvkd……ma..frnd….frm..tvm…also..awaiting…call….dunno..anyother..guys

        1. mine..tuk..place..@delhi…on..Jan16…as..i..applied..frm…der…Verificn..was..done..in..June…last..week….my…frnd..in..delhi..address..also..havnt..receivd…any…intimation..regardin…the..same…Wat..abt…u????

          1. I have contact 3 they also waiting . Their and my verification done 2nd week of june

  25. Those who have received their joining letter please clarify if ib has sent any mail regarding it or just letter by post.

  26. is there any news regarding medical or training???
    pls frnds update ur views it will be helpful for all of us….

  27. Is there anyone whose verification has not been completed??? They have verified my family members….and then they asked for my new address through speed post as I had changed my address…. I have already sent them my new address….After that they have not contacted me…. Its almost one month now…. any views mates???

    1. The are like that , they suddenly go cold. I was verified about a month back, no contact since then.

      1. I think they have finished with 2nd batch, Rest of us ,lets keep our fingers cross for 3rd batch probably in first week of December

    2. Wait till next batch.. take it as a chance to study other exams.
      you will not be able to study for next 4 months once entered..

  28. Guys… Congratulations to those, who are selected..
    Be patient.. everyone will get called.

    Some imp tips for Shivpuri..
    1) Don’t waist your money on white pant, mosquito net, white bed sheets…. not at all. Buy white shirts n some formal pants, no denim jeans in classes.
    2) No need to buy costly oxford Bata shoe.. instead any formal shoe with lace..
    3) Can carry multimedia phone, but discreetly n only in hostel room. instead keep one with mp3 player dual sim. last year at our time some were carried even laptops.. but I don’t recommend it.
    4) complete your medical at your district before joining .. coz your joining date will consider only after medical.. even at shivpuri also. that will affect ur promotion in compared to your batch mates.
    5) Do not involve in cultural activities at Shivpuri for goodwill .. wastage of time.. but if u r interested then enjoy.
    6) Take precautions while doing confidence course.. 1/2 bone fractures every batch..
    7) Keep practice of running 1.6 km at a time..
    8) You will not get time to study for other exams once u entered in Shivpuri n after in Delhi also.. so plan your next 4 months accordingly..
    9) Some will be posted in distant parts of India Himalaya for 3 year.. even without mobile network connectivity. Seriously.. But those will be get paid 40000 Rs around.
    10)Study National political parties, constitution of India in advance.
    All the Best.

    1. Thank you Ghost for the wonderful explanation.

      Can you please explain what you mean by bone fractures in confidence course? If someone has a bone fracture, will they be allowed to continue in SHivpuri or will they be dismissed and sent back home?

      What is confidence course?

      Can you please tell me what exercises and drills we are required to do? I have back injury 2 months back, thats why I’m asking.

      THank you.

      1. confidence courses are obstacle courses.

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