1. Prologue
  2. G3/P1: Landform Types- Mountains
  3. G3/P2: Landform Types- Plateaus
  4. G3/P3: Landform Types: Plains and Rivers of the world
  5. G4/P1: Geophysical Phenomenon- Volcanism for GS Mains Paper1
  6. G4/P2: Geophysical Phenomenon- Earthquakes & Tsunamis for GS-Mains Paper1


  • These geography lectures are conducted by Ms. Rajtanil at Sardar Patel institute of Public Administration (SPIPA), Ahmedabad.
  • First session began on 2st February 2015, and uploaded on youtube. Total ~2:30 hours but I’ve split it into four parts.
  • PowerPoint of the lecture, available at Mrunal.org/Download
  • Medium of instruction- Hindi.
  • English version not possible for the moment, because faculties are required to teach at this batch, in Hindi/Gujarati only. Besides, same content is available in English in the powerpoints.

G3/P1: Landform Types- Mountains

Geography Major Lanforms- Mountains

  1. Land forms on earth
  2. Types of mountain – fold and block
  3. Fold mountains: characteristics, Compressive force, building phases, Distribution across the world and their importance.
  4. Pamir knot, Hindukush, Sulaiman, Kirthar and Ural Mountain range.
  5. Block mountains: features, characteristics, tensile forces, distribution in Europe, India and Africa.
  6. Comparison between fold mountains vs. block mountains

Youtube video link: http://youtu.be/DPKrwa4CT1o

G3/P2: Landform Types- Plateaus

Geography Major Landforms Plateaus

  1. Plateaus: meaning, formation, types
  2. Map- Bolivia plateau, Columbia plateau
  3. Map- Ozark plateau, Anatolia plateau
  4. Map- Loess plateau, Laurentian plateau
  5. Map- Katanga plateau, Africa
  6. Map- plateau of Mato grasso, brazil
  7. Map- Shan plateau, Myanmar
  8. Map-  Tibetan plateau
  9. Batholith

Youtube video link: http://youtu.be/aqNiGBkKezs

G3/P3: Landform Types: Plains and Rivers of the world

Geography Major Landforms Plains and Rivers

  1. Plains: meaning, types, importance, distribution of important river plains of the world
  2. China: Yangtze river and important locations nearby
  3. W.Asia: Euphrates-Tigris rivers & important locations nearby
  4. Brazil: Amazon river  & important locations nearby
  5. USA: Mississippi river  & important locations nearby
  6. Australia: Murray-darling basin  & important locations nearby

Youtube video link: http://youtu.be/G1LnI2Qj6fk

G4/P1: Geophysical Phenomenon- Volcanism for GS Mains Paper1

Geophysical phenomenon Volcanos

  1. Volcanism: meaning, Distribution of volcanism
  2. Volcanic Region of the world: Pacific ring of fire, Mid oceanic ridge
  3. Mediterranean sea, Mediterranean sea, Hot spot volcanoes and Aleutian islands
  4. Basaltic eruption vs. Andesitic eruption of volcanoes
  5. Landforms: Volcanic landforms, Intrusive landforms, Extrusive landforms
  6. Lava plateaus: Indian deccan lava plateau, Distribution of lava plateau in the world
  7. Types of volcanic cones: Shield volcano, Cinder volcano, Composite volcano, Comparison of volcanic cones
  8. Difference between geyser and hot spring;
  9. Geo-thermal energy and its limitations

Youtube video link: http://youtu.be/dSc2SrY2ufE

G4/P2: Geophysical Phenomenon- Earthquakes & Tsunamis for GS-Mains Paper1

Geophysical phenomenon Earthquakes and Tsunamis

  1. Earthquake: meaning and Mid oceanic ridge
  2. Types of earthquake: shallow focus, intermediate focus, deep focus
  3. Reasons for earthquake: Plate collision, divergence plate boundary,  transverse plate boundary, Mediterranean sea, Craton , Human induced earthquakes
  4. Tsunami: meaning, Comparison between normal sea waves and tsunami waves
  5. Phrases of Tsunami
  6. Indian preparedness of Tsunami

Youtube video link: http://youtu.be/NPI_k1FAbQs