[Download] UPSC IFS/IFoS Mains Exam 2015: General Studies Paper with Topicwise Breakup of Questions

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Unacademy Plus Mrunal Economy for Prelims and Mains UPSC!
  1. Instructions for Indian Forest Service Mains GS Paper
  2. Question Paper: Topic wise
    1. History (50 Marks)
    2. Economy (70 Marks)
    3. Geography & Disaster Management (50 Marks)
    4. Polity (50 Marks)
    5. International Relations (50 Marks)
    6. Science Tech & Disaster Management (30 Marks)
  3. Question Paper in Sequential / Linear Format

Instructions for IFS/IFoS GS Mains Paper

  1. duration is Three Hours and maximum marks are 300
  2. Please read each of the following instructions carefully before attempting questions:
  3. All questions are to be attempted.
  4. Attempt of a part/question shall be counted in sequential order.
  5. Unless struck off, attempt of a part / question shall be counted even if attempted partly.
  6. Any page or portion of the page left blank in the question cum answer booklet must be clearly struck off.
  7. Answers mum be written in ENGLISH only.

Question Paper: Topic wise

UPSC IFS/IFoS Mains Paper Download

History (50 Marks)

Q1: Answer following in not more than 150 words

  1. Harappan Civilization was spread through a large area. Many factors were responsible for its downfall. What were they? (20 marks) Answer covered in Ms.Ishani Pandya’s Lecture on Art & Culture.
  2. Describe the Deccan policy of Aurangreb with special reference to the Marathas. (15 Marks)
  3. Discuss the Indo-Tibetan relations during the British period. (15 Marks)

Economy (70 Marks)

Q2. Answer following questions in not more than 160 words each

  1. Express your understanding of the problem of inflation based on WPI and CPI in the Indian context. (20 Marks) Covered in lecture on Urjit Patel Monetary policy & on inflation
  2. Comment on the formation of NITI Aayog as replacement of Planning Commission in India (15 Marks) Answer Covered in Mrunal’s Article on Niti Ayog
  3. What potential do you visualise in the ‘Skill India’ programme as a strategy to solve the unemployment problem? (15 Marks) Answer covered in Mrunal’s lecture on Economic Survey
  4. “India needs a Third Green Revolution, but with a different approach.” Elaborate. (20 Marks) Plenty of Fodder available in Mrunal’s Economic Survey Lecture on Agriculture Yield improvement

Geography & Disaster Management (50 Marks)

  1. The droughts and its outcomes in India are the result of both the physical and the human factors. Discuss. Topic Covered in  Ms.Rajtanil Solanki’s Lecture on Flood, Droughts, Famines (15 Marks)
  2. Account for the recent earthquakes in the bordering Nepal and its impact on India. (15 Marks) This Topic will be covered in the upcoming lecture of Mr.Sunep Jamir on Geography revision for GS-Mains paper1.
  3. Discuss the role of disaster management in addressing the problems of the victims of natural calamities (20 Marks)

Polity (50 Marks)

Q4. Answer all of the following questions (Total 50 Marks)

  1. The existence of the Article 3 in the Indian Constitution is reason enough to believe that the Indian Constitution empowers the Centre at the expense of the State. Do you agree? If so, elaborate with an example. (20 Marks)
  2. Do you think that in India, the government remains strong and governance still continues to be subordinate to the government? Can this be seen as strong institutions and weak processes playing a part in the administering of the country? (15 Marks)
  3. “In India, despite the economy becoming totally capitalistic, class as the most important social category has not emerged powerfully and it is still caste that plays an important role in India’s social fabric.” Elucidate. (15 Marks)

International Relations (50 Marks)

Q5. Answer all of the following questions (Total 50 Marks)

  1. “The collapse of the Greek economy and the weakening of the economies of Italy, Spain and even the UK to an extent is suggestive of cracks in the foundation of the Europe. Union.’ Do you agree or disagree with this? Give reasons in either case. (20 Marks)
  2. Do you agree with the perception that SAARC is important to India only for political reasons and not for economic reasons? Give reasons. (15 Marks)
  3. With India now seeing itself as a brain power and allying itself increasingly with USA, it no longer sees itself as a country in the category of backward countries of Africa and other countries which have traditionally been its allies in the Non-Aligned Movement. Do you think it is time to give the NAM a burial? (15 Marks)

Science Tech & Disaster Management (30 Marks)

Q6. Answer all of the following questions in not more than 150 words each

  1. What are the causes of the spread of ‘Dengue Fever in India? What steps have been taken in prevention of the disease? (15 Marks) Just covered day before yesterday’s Mrunal lecture on Mains Revision- Public Health and SDG
  2. In the light of recent achievements of ISRO, highlight the development of space technology. (15 Marks)

Question Paper in Sequential / Linear Format

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