[Mains Revision] Policy Design & Implementation, Hunger & Food processing, Health & Ayush with Answer writing Practice

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Mrunal's Economy Course
  1. Prologue
  2. ML2/P1: Policy design & implementation for GS2
  3. ML2/P2: Hunger, Food security & food processing
  4. ML2/P3: Public Health- IMR, MMR, MDG; Public health policy, AYUSH


ML2/P1: Policy design & implementation for GS2

Policy design intervention

  • Mock Question for GS2 – Often, the government interventions for welfare of poor, either don’t elicit required enthusiasm from their side or deplete fiscal resources without yielding desired results. According to you, what parameters should be followed during design & implementation phase to avoid these issues. (200 words)
  • World Bank Development Report 2015- Poverty’s cognitive tax and social tax aspects and implications for policy maker in designing new policies, schemes, launch
  • Economic survey observations about Subsidy distortion effect.
  • Recommendations of NITI Ayog Shirvraj Singh panel for restructuring of centrally sponsored schemes (CSS)

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/-WgbUpXnwrk

ML2/P2: Hunger, Food security & food processing

hunger malnutrition food processing industry in india

  • Mock Question for GS2 (Hunger), GS3 (SCM) – Discuss the significance of food processing industry in alleviating the issues of malnutrition and inflation in India. (200 words)
  • UNDP Sustainable development goals about hunger, malnutrition and food security.
  • UN-FAO Global Hunger report 2015 observations.
  • National Food Security Act-2013- salient features and criticism.
  • Food processing industry- scope, significance, SWOT Analysis- strength, weakness, opportunities and threat.
  • Food processing industry- supply chain management, upstream-downstream issues, forward, backward and Verticle integration
  • Mega food park (2008)- features and problems
  • Food safety-FSSAI function & challenges

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/CZ3G44aQduo

ML2/P3: Public Health- IMR, MMR, MDG; Public health policy, AYUSH

health policy AYUSH mission in India

  • GS2-Mains Answer Writing: Given the multiple determinants of health, its prevention agenda requires cross sectoral Government interventions with special focus on women”. Elaborate.
  • Sustainable development goal#3: Ensure healthy lives and promote and promote wellbeing for all at all ages
  • India and Millennium Development Goals: slow/moderate progress on child mortality, maternal health.
  • Government intervention for reducing IMR and MMR: Matritva Sahyog yojana, Janani Suraksha Yojana
  • Dengue- why outbreak, what preventive measures should be done.
  • Draft Public health policy 2015- salient features and criticism.
  • Alternative medicine system- AYUSH
  • Principles and benefits of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Naturopathy, Siddha, Homeopathy and Naturopathy
  • NAM: National Ayush Mission
  • Mock Question for GS2– Discuss the significance of alternative medicine system / AYUSH in providing affordable and accessible healthcare to Indian masses.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/m4dlQZcD6ag
In next lecture: Women, Youth, Skill related topics for GS1 and GS2.

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16 Comments on “[Mains Revision] Policy Design & Implementation, Hunger & Food processing, Health & Ayush with Answer writing Practice”

  1. Thank u very much sr.waiting eagerly for this & next revision sessions.

  2. thank you mrunal bhai…

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  4. There is no powerpoint. In previous lecture same link mentioned but no powerpoint……

  5. Does any know what is the cut-off marks for BPSC PT exam. It was mentioned in Hindustan Paper that for gen. cat. marks is 87 but i didn’t got selected although calculated as 89 from the given answer keys.
    (I am sorry for this irrelevant question.)

  6. Same here.
    Had 95 from official cut off but still out.Might be some questions/answers are ommited after publication of keys.
    Still,it doesn’t make any sense!
    Just wait n watch for future court cases..

  7. Read official keys instead of official cut off

  8. I’ve qualified BPSC PT.
    OC-GEN calculated 77 score and 2 answers claimed to be correct.
    Hindustan’s 87 cut off might be wrong. As it had earlier misrepoted about declaration of pt result.
    Wait till BPSC uploads marks and cut-off.

    1. Yaa eagerly waiting for marks.
      By the way may I know are you a female candidate because as per the notification they will getting same reservation benefits like PWD no matter OC or reserved category.
      And does anyone know how Hindustan News paper had given the cut offs is it given in commission’s office or somewhere else?

      @ Saba All the best for mains…………

  9. sorry for being out of context…but did anyone appear today for rbigrade b exam?

  10. Sir unable to find ppts.please help

  11. how to pdf of this lecture ? i am unable to locate them

  12. unable to find ppts on culture, economy or mains revisions. (recent uploads)

    My name is Bhavya Mehta. I am from Una, a town located in Gir-Somnath district. I have a work-ex of 3.5 years at L&T, Surat.
    I wanted to opt for UPSC. So I have resigned from my job after getting a job in SSC 2014.I shall be relieved by 15th Dec 2014 while my joining for SSC job shall take place by June 2015.
    Utilise this 6 months to prepare for my optional which is Economics
    I have been interested in Economics since my graduation days. I briefly studied the subject with the help of some of the books like
    • The Undercover Economist by Tim Hartford,
    • Free lunch by David Smith,
    • Freakonomics by Steven (something)
    • Day to Day Economics by Satish Deodhar,
    • Many works by Amartya Sen.
    • This is in addition to the regular commentaries found in dailies.
    It is with this base, your articles & lectures and some curiosity that I intend to pursue Economics
    I am already reading Macroeconomics by HL Ahuja and I am able to get 70-80 percent of it
    Though you have covered Economics considering Prelims + Mains + Interview stage ( and there are no two opinions on how well it has been done), there lack of guidance when it comes to choosing Eco as optional

    1. I have downloaded the syllabus
    2. Downloaded the strategies by 5 toppers
    • Gaurav Agrawal
    • Niraj Singh
    • Riju Bafna
    • Harshika Singh
    • Divya Mittal
    3. Trying to get in touch with Gujarat University Professors of Social Science & Veer Narmad South Gujarat University ( Found no success)
    4. Posted on PAGALGUY,

    Join Axiom in case nothing better comes up

    With all the above can you guide me.

  14. Iam a civil service aspirant.

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