[Mains Revision] Geography for GS1: World Physical Geography, Resource Distribution, Indian Agriculture & Industrial Locations by Sunep Jamir

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  1. Prologue
  2. MRG1/P1- World Physical Geography Revision
  3. MRG1/P2- Distribution of Natural Resources & India’s Stakes
  4. MRG1/P3-India- Physical Geography, Monsoon
  5. MRG1/P4-Indian Geography: Industrial Locations & Agriculture


  • Myself Sunep Jamir, I’m a B.E. Electronics Engineer. For two years I’ve worked in TCS, Delhi and times I’ve written Mains with Geography Optional subject.
  • In this Revision Lecture series, I’ve be covering the important topics of Geography for Mains General Studies paper-1. There won’t be an ‘organic’ flow in the lecture because I’m only covering selected aspects and unique phenomenon, and moving from one topic to another in a speedy manner.
  • Due to technical limitations, the whiteboard is not captured. But since I’m describing as a draw, it should not bear much problem, so please bear with it.
  • Lecture Videos available under: Youtube.com/user/TheMrunalPatel
  • Powerpoints Available under Mrunal.org/Download within that you go to “Mains Revision Folder”=> Geography

MRG1/P1- World Physical Geography Revision

World Physical Geography

  • New format of Geography -Questions asked since 2013.
  • What is Wilson cycle?
  • Why marine sediments above the basaltic layer goes on increasing with distance from ridge?
  • Why earthquake occur near MOR?
  • Difference between magma of continental (andesites) volcano and oceanic(basalt) volcano?
  • Explanations of  mid- plate volcanoes (eg central sahara / hawaii island)
  • Difference between Mediterranean and andes volcano
  • What are geomorphological effects of earth quake?
  • What is fissure eruption?
  • Why Great Britain and much of western Europe warmer for the latitude?
  • California weather condition – Cold current
  • Heating of lower layers of air
  • Convection currents rise up to outer boundary of troposphere. Why?
  • Temperature gradually increase from the equator towards the pole. Why?
  • Distinguish frontal inversion from other types of inversion?
  • What is isonomals?
  • Blocking effect caused by Coriolis force
  • What is thermal wind?
  • What is jet streams, rossby waves?
  • Types of jet stream
  • The stratosphere, which remains dry and cloudless in the absence of water vapour, develop occasional cirrus clouds. Why?
  • Triggering of Cyclone and anti-cyclone on the surface
  • Southern Oscillation  / EL-NINO
  • Climate of Antarctica
  • Arctic Climate
  • Importance of Antarctica and Environmental changes in it
  • Impacts of Tourism – Environmental impacts, Cultural impact, Way forward

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/9GimwZbg6Hg

MRG1/P2- Distribution of Natural Resources & India’s Stakes


  • India interest in south china sea region: Hydrocarbon resources, the Indian Maritime Doctrine, ONGC Videsh Ltd. And Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) stakes in hydrocarbon exploration blocks with Vietnam
  • India interest in north –Korea: The largest global deposits of minerals and rare earth metals and why necessary for India’s IT industry and electronic majors
  • India interest in Myanmar: Natural resources, governmental aid and Indian private investment
  • India’s interest in Mongolia: Natural resources and India’s priority in it
  • Energy security of India: Oil, uranium and coal deposits, prospect for renewable energy collaboration
  • India’s interest in central asian country: Main oil and gas deposits are in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan – Enormous hydel resources
  • India’s interest in Canada ( world’s second largest producer of uranium)
  • India’s interest in arctic region: Importance of Arctic region, Northern Sea route, North West route

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/x1Hs8MSS7J8

MRG1/P3-India- Physical Geography, Monsoon

Indian Physical Geography

  • What are different phases in the formation of Himalaya?
  • Why arcuate curve, which is convex to the south?
  • What are the evidences to prove that himalaya are still rising?
  • How does kashmir valley is formed?
  • What is the potential of minerals and mineral oil exploration in Himalaya region?
  • How doons in the west and duars in the east are formed?
  • Monitoring the glaciers of the Himalayas
  • What is the chief characteristics of great plain of north India?
  • What is the evidence for taller height of Aravalli in the geological past?
  • Reasons for the steep-sided, flat-topped hills or cliffs presenting the mesa-like stepped topography facing the Arabian Sea coast?
  • Geological formation of Kutch peninsula?
  • Uniqueness of Cauvery river
  • Inland drainage of India
  • Nature of relation between soils of northern plain and plateau with parent rock
  • What is sedentary soil and transported /azonal soils?
  • Explain the Physiographic  factor influencing the climate of india?
  • Influence of Western jet stream on north western part of india?
  • Explaining the burst of  monsoon
  • Relationship of indian monsoon and tibet plateau
  • Why temperature of west coast are comparatively lower than those prevailing on the east coast?
  • Why heat wave in rajasthan , haryana , punjab . Also in orissa and Andra Pradesh?

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/wXme_Q4vko8

MRG1/P4-Indian Geography: Industrial Locations & Agriculture

Indian Industries & Agriculture

  • Factors influencing the location of industries: Geographical factors – Jute in west bengal  and cotton textile mills in maharashtra and Gujarat reasons- Non –geographical feature – Capital, Government policies ,Industrial inertia
  • Jute textiles and factors for high concentration of jute mills in Hugli basin
  • What are the problem of Indian jute industry?
  • Woollen textiles  – Locations and problems
  • Aluminum smelting
  • Automobile industry – Why near iron and steel producing and near port
  • Fertilizers – phosphatic fertiliser plant and sulphur based
  • Cement industry – Locations and reasons
  • Paper industry – Despite availability of soft wood in himalaya region . Why lack of paper mill there?
  • Industrial regions of India: Mumbai- Pune,  Hugli –West Bangal, Bangalore –Tamilnadu , Gujarat industrial region, Chotanagpur, Vishakhapatnam- Guntur,
  • Gurgaon –Delhi –Meerut, Kollam –Thiruvananthapuram
  • Coalbed methane and it’s Significance
  • Isohyets in India
  • Food crops in India: Rice – Why most important food crop? Wheat – Why wheat cultivation decline east of Varanasi? Maize – It is rain-fed kharif crop in india except in Tamil Nadu . Why?
  • Cash crops: Cotton – Why time of sowing and harvesting differ in different parts of the country? Jute – Reason for pre-monsoon shower; Oilseeds – largest area and production in the world and way forward
  • Plantation crop –  Coffee , Rubber
  • Agriculture: climate change, food security and Urban Agriculture
  • Climate change and Himalaya

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/33lN-bMp6nE

In next lecture: Nepal Earthquake & other important Geophysical phenomenons; Changes in Critical Geographical features and their impact on flora-fauna.

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  1. India is the 2nd largest producer of rare earth metals
    But it lacks the technology to refine them for commercial purposes
    Refining them is expensive and uses toxic acids
    China though is the largest producer of rare earth metals faced a serious crisis when the toxic by products entered yellow river
    So better would be to import them or mine the mineral and send it to japan for processing
    I think a agreement was signed bw japan and india in this regard
    Correct if wrong

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