[BES16] Economic Survey → HRD → Census Theory, Healthcare, Education, HDI-2015 & SDG-2030

BES166/P1: Census theory, Population growth stages, Formula, diversity, personal laws BES166/P2: Education Policy-2016, HEFA, Pramati, PISA, ASER, Youth Org, Sports BES166/P3: Healthcare: JSY, JSSY, PSMY, JSY, JSSY, PSMY; Women-Child schemes from Yearbook BES166/P4: UNDP's Human Development Report: HDI, IHDI, [...]

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[Mains Revision] E-Technology in Aid of farmers (GS3) & E-Governance: Model, Applications, Limitations

Prologue ML4/P1:  E-Governance- Models, Evolution, GIS-MIS Application ML3/P2: E-Technology in Aid of Farmers & extension services ML4/P3: E- Governance Applications in education, economy, health & policing ML4/P4: E-governance potential benefits and limitations Prologue Day#4 of my lecture series on [...]

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[Mains Revision] Urbanization- Problems, Remedies; Poverty-Population, with Answer writing Practice

Prologue ML1/P1: Urbanization-Problems, Remedies ML1/P2: Urban Governance: Smart City, Amrut, Rurban after Prelims ML1/P3: Poverty-Meaning, Estimation, SECC-2011 Prologue Here starts the mains revision series- only selected topics will be covered GS1 | 2: urbanization, poverty and hunger, Women and [...]

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[HRD] Government Intervention for Skill development, issues from design & implementation for GS Mains2

Prologue What're the problems? What're the solutions? #1: define "skill development" #2: Decide Outcomes #3: Cash-funding on outcomes #4: Motivate both trainee and trainer #5: Monitor beneficiaries Appendix: NSDA vs NSDC Prologue 2013, December: Panel to rationalize various skill [...]

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Food Security Act: Salient features, Benefits, Entitlements, grievances redressal system & criticism

Prologue National Food security Act Prices and Entitlements under NFSA Grievance Redressal Mechanism: Deadlines under Food security Act Implementation in States/UT Targeted PDS system reformed Limitation of NFSA: Prologue Economic Survey Chapter 8: Agriculture and Food Management. SIX subparts: [...]

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[Economic Survey] Ch13: P1- UNDP’s Human Development report 2014, HDI, Gender Development, gender inequality, Multidimensional poverty, World Bank’s Gini-Coefficient

Prologue Human Development Report Five indexes under HDR-2014 Index#1: Human development index (HDI) Ranking Tie in Ranking No ranking in HDR 2014 Index#2: Inequality adjusted HDI Index#3: Gender Development India (GDI) Index#4: Gender inequality index Index#5: Multi-dimensional poverty index [...]

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[Economic Survey] Ch13: Poverty Line Estimation- Tendulkar vs Rangarajan, Engel’s Law, MNREGA, Aajeevikaa, Urban Livelihood

Prologue Poverty line Tendu Leopard vs Ranga Khush Urban Poverty line Rural Poverty line Why Ranga NAA-KHUSH (unhappy)? How is 100 million poors increased? Calorie Expenditure Engel’s law & MPCE Centrally sponsored schemes (CSS) CSS classification Poverty removal schemes [...]

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[Economic Survey] Ch13: Demographic Dividend, Education & Skill Development schemes, National Youth Policy 2014

Prologue [Act I] Demography related Theories (DT) DT1: Malthusian theory of population growth DT2: Demographic transition DT3: Demographic dividend [Act II] Education Census 2011: Literacy ranking Mid-Day Meal (MDM) Sarva Sikhsha Abhiyan (SSA) RMSA & RUSA Model School scheme [...]

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[Economic Survey] Ch13 P3: Human Resources- Minorities, SC, ST, PH, Elderly; USTAAD, Van Bandhu, Hamari Dharohar

Prologue [Act 1] Minorities Minorities in India? Jains Minority status Shia vs Sunni: What’s the difference? (New) USTAAD [Act 2] SC/ST/OBC Areas without SC/ST population % SC Population: Top 5 & Bottom 5 % ST Population: Top 5 & [...]

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