1. Prologue
  2. ML5/P4: Chinese Yuan inclusion in SDR, Black Monday Stock Market Crash
  3. ML5/P5: India’s SCO membership, TPP-yarn forward rule


ML5/P4: Chinese Yuan inclusion in SDR, Black Monday Stock Market Crash

China Yuan SDR inclusion, Stock market crash

  • How will China benefit from Yuan becoming SDR-currency?
  • Yuan Exchange rate regime and its libelirazation to pass IMF’s “SDR idol audition”
  • Impact of Chinese monetary & exchange rate policies on world economy and Indian economy
  • China Black Friday Monday (24th August 2015)- the bubble and collapse of Chinese share market
  • Stimulus package given by Chinese authorities to revive its securities market
  • Implications of China Stockmarket Meltdown on World Economy and Indian dalal street- upstream and downstream companies, crude, gold and metal commodities market.
  • China black Friday – Why it can’t happen in India?
  • Mock Question: Though fundamentals of Indian economy are strong, the contagious effect of globally integrated economy has made negative impacts on India in recent times. Discuss with special reference to US, EU and China.
  • Mock Question: “1st world’s low-interest rate policies & quantitative easing, are unleashing financial turmoil on emerging-market economies”. Discuss in context of India.
  • Mock Question: Vibrant financial markets are critical to a country’s GDP growth. Examine the importance of proposed GIFT city in this regard, & discuss challenges in its setup.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/g_4I41vqqJQ

ML5/P5: India’s SCO membership, TPP-yarn forward rule

India's membership in SCO, impact of TPP-Yarn Forward rule

  • (GS2) Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO): structure and function
  • India’s benefits in joining Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)? Angle #: import of raw materials, energy and fertilizer security; Angle#2: export of finished and intermediate goods
  • Trans-Atlantic Trade and investment partnership (TATIP) between USA and EU: why European public is opposed to it?
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)- salient features and why India can’t join it, possible impact of yarn forward rule.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/9_hQrG72Pp8
This concludes my lecture series for Mains revision
Best wishes to all sincere players.