[Mains Revision] (GS3) Investment Models- Hybrid Annuity, Swiss Challenge; IPR Policy; (GS2) NGO & Pressure Groups

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  1. Prologue
  2. ML5/P1: Role of NGO, Pressure Groups & Civil services in Democracy
  3. ML5/P2: (GS3) Investment Models: Hybrid Annuity, Swiss Challenge
  4. ML5/P3: IPR Policy, Utility Model, Special 301 report


ML5/P1: Role of NGO, Pressure Groups & Civil services in Democracy

ML5-P1-Role of NGO, Civil services and pressure groups in democracy for UPSC Mains GS2 paper

  • GS2 Syllabus Topics: The Role of NGO in development processes, Pressure Groups in polity and Civil Services in democracy
  • Definition and evolution of NGO movement.
  • NGO’s Catalyst Role in development processes
  • NGO’s Obstructionist Role in development processes
  • Intelligence bureau’s report 2014 on NGO
  • Why Greenpeace Registration Cancelled?
  • What are the Pressure Groups, their evolution and growth in India?
  • differences between Political party and Pressure group and lobbyists?
  • Types of Pressure group: based on structure
  • Biz groups and Trade Unions
  • Pressure groups’s Role in democracy: positive and negative points.
  • Negative points: Tobacco lobby, Golden Gang and IAS lobby vs 7th Pay commission
  • Mains 2013 Question – Pressure group politics is sometimes seen as the informal face of politics. With regards to the above, assess the structure and functioning of pressure groups in India.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/5EtaRL9aUlc

ML5/P2: (GS3) Investment Models: Hybrid Annuity, Swiss Challenge

ML5-P2-Hybrid Annuity, Swiss Challange Investment-Models for GS3 UPSC Mains exam

  • Existing models of Road Finance / Investment models
  • Hybrid Model: Financing, risk sharing mechanism compared to BOT and EPC; its benefits and criticism
  • Swiss Challenge model for redevelopment of Railway stations- features, Positives and negatives points
  • Bharat Mala Project- features and benefits
  • (2013) Adaptation of PPP model for infrastructure development of the country has not been free from criticism. Critically discuss the pros and cons of the model.
  • (2014) Explain how private public partnership agreements, in longer gestation infrastructure projects, can transfer unsuitable liabilities to the future. What arrangements need to be put in place to ensure that successive generations’ capacities are not compromised?
  • Mock Question – Problem of stalled infrastructure projects in India, is a manifestation of market failure & regulatory failure. Discuss.
  • Public investment, especially in the railways, can play an important role to revive growth and promote Make in India. Discuss. 200 words
  • Importance of Railway important in Make in India / GDP growth, and Bibek Debroy report on Rail restructuring

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/kx1-nkKVjuA

ML5/P3: IPR Policy, Utility Model, Special 301 report

ML5-P3-IPR-Policy special 301 report

  • Special 301 report – India retains priority watch list status
  • Why USA dislikes Indian IPR regime?
  • Why USA demands non-violation complaints (NVC) at WTO?
  • Twin principles of Indian IPR regime
  • Why We are not bogus country in protection of intellectual rights?
  • India and IPR Framework: various acts, ministries and departments responsible for their implementation.
  • new IPR Policy by Justice Prabha Sridevan: Timeline and Salient features
  • Utility model in the new IPR Policy?
  • Mains 2013 Question-In a globalized world, intellectual property rights assume significance and are a source of litigation. Broadly distinguish between terms- copyright, patents and trade secrets.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/fFtltEronQI
Next Lecture: Yuan inclusion in SDR reserve currency basket, China Stock market melt down and its impact on India.

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