[BES16] Economic Survey → Infrastructure → Rail Budget 2016, Kelkar-PPP Committee, Communication, Civil Aviation Policy-2016, Urban Infra Bills & More

BES165/P5: Communication infrastructure: radio, telecom, post office, mass-comm. BES165/P6: Kelkar Report- PPP Revisit, Revitalize, Finance & Investment Models BES165/P7: Rail Budget-2016: Bullet Train, SRESHTA, SUTRA, SAHAYAK, RAKSHAK, Urban Infra BES165/P5: Communication infrastructure: radio, telecom, post office, mass-comm. NCERT Class11, [...]

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[BES16] Economic Survey → Infrastructure → Paris Summit, NSG-MTCR, Nuclear Energy, HELP-2015, UJALA, UDAY Bonds & More

BES165/P1: Paris Summit- Outcomes, INDC, Finance, Ratification, Kuznet Curve BES165/P2: Clean Energy: Biomass, RDF, Biofuel- classification, extraction Methods, GS3 Achievement of Indians BES165/P3: Nuclear Energy, Reactor Types, Kakrapar Incident, NSG-MTCR & other export control groups, BES165/P4: Thermal Energy, UJALA, [...]

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[Economy Lecture] GS2: UNFCCC Lima Summit, Paris Summit Post-2020 Kyoto framework for Climate Change & India’s Stand

Prologue L8/P4: IPCC-5th Assessment Report, UNFCCC, Rio Earth Summit L8/P5: Kyoto to Lima to Paris Post-2020 Climate framework L8/P6: Climate Finance mechanisms: National and International level Prologue On 5th May 2015, my session on environment part-1: National Environment issues-green [...]

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[Economy Lecture] GS3: Environment Clearance, Green Law Panel Report, Go Areas, No Go Areas, Public Hearing, Linear Infrastructure

Prologue L8/P1: Environment-Go No-Go areas, law & Polity L8/P2: Green law panel & Wildlife protection L8/P3: Environment Clearance- ELMA, NEMA, SEMA Prologue On 5th May 2015, my session on environment part-1: National Environment issues-green law panel recommendations. As such [...]

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[Economy Lecture] GS3: Communication & IT Infrastructure: Digital India Mission & Spectrum Auction 2015

Prologue L7/P9: IT infrastructure: Digital India Mission, E-Kranti L7/P10: Communication Infrastructure: Spectrum Auction 2015 Prologue On 5th May 2015, my the session on IT communication infrastructure. Total about 1:15 hours, split into 2 parts. PowerPoint of the lecture, available [...]

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[Economy Lecture] GS3: Infrastructure- PPP Bidding & Financing Reforms, Rail budget 2015, Debroy Committee, MMDR, Coal Auction

Prologue L7/P1: Infrastructure Bottlenecks, Bidding & financing L7/P2: Railways Budget 2015, Debroy Committee, Aviation & Shipping L7/P3: Mining industry- MMDR, Coal scam, Coal Bill 2015 Prologue On 15th May 2015, I began new session on infrastructure pillar- subpart “transport [...]

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[Energy] Petrol, Diesel, LPG, Under-Recovery, Deregulation; Clean Energy, Telecommunication, NTP-2012, NFON, USOF

Prologue [Act 1] Petroleum P1: Refineries in India P2: Survey: Oil production challenges P3: OVL assets abroad P4: Budget 2014: Diesel & LPG P5: Petrol pricing What is under-recovery? Petrol price deregulation Benefits of Deregulation? [Act 2] Clean Energy [...]

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[Infrastructure] PPP challenges & reforms, 3P-India, highway projects, Industrial corridors, DMIC vs DFC, Golden vs Diamond quadrilateral

Prologue [Act 1] Infrastructure Corridors GK/theory C1: (Rail) Dedicated Freight Corridor Project C2: (Road) Industrial corridors: DMIC C3: Other industrial corridors C4: Golden vs. Diamond Quadrilateral C5: (Road) North South, East West corridor Budget 2014: industrial corridor announcements [Act [...]

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