[Economy WMD] Black Swan Event, NCAP Car Safety, NITI CEO, Consumer Expenditure Survey- Weekly Mrunal Digest from Jun week2-2022

a black swan event means an unprecedented unexpected extreme risk event e.g. 2007’s USA sub-prime crisis, 2020’s Corona. RBI report says that in the next black swan event, possibility of capital outflows to the tune of $100 billion -around Rs 7,80,000 crore from India by FPIs.

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[Ethics WMD] Corporate Greed, Pinkwashing, PUBG Weekly Mrunal Digest from July week1-2022 for UPSC

Pinkwashing is the strategy of Companies to promote LGBT rights and products to distract from real issues. E.g. June, recognised as (LGBT) Pride month → Walmart and other companies launch rainbow coloured products tshirt, jackets, etc to profit. Netflix and Amazon Prime launch web series where LGBT actors are shown in positive and powerful light. But in reality many LGBT employees removed from job, not allowed to progress in career etc

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2 Dozen Mismatches in Prelim Answerkey- Coaching Classes vs UPSC Official & Devilal MCQ got cancelled

Prologue Economy Answerkey Errors in Prelims-2021 Environment Answerkey Errors in Prelims-2021 Geography Answer Key Errors in Prelims-2021 History Culture Answerkey Errors in Prelims-2021 PIN/Award/GK Answer Key Errors in Prelims-2021 UPSC Canceled this Devilal Question Polity Answerkey Errors in Prelims-2021 [...]

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[Download] Countdown to Prelims 2022 students ko DISHA ka amazing GIFT – Prelims 2022 RESOURCE BOOK – covering 620 pages of Current Affairs & Mock Tests + FREE Strategy Video & Sample Chapters from Disha UPSC Books

Introduction UPSC CSE Prelims 2022 is just a month away! By this time, we hope you have covered all the major topics and are about to start your revision. It's time to pull up your socks and burn the [...]

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