[Ethics] Case Study with Model Answer- vaccine compulsion and public service denial


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hmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) announced that it shall not permit citizens to avail of public amenities and services without taking the second dose of vaccine. This will be applicable on AMTS buses, BRTS buses, Kankaria zoo, Sabarmati riverfront, libraries, gymkhanas, swimming pools, AMC sports complexes, city civic centres and other AMC buildings. AMC Will deploy security guards at the bus station to check. Read More...

Current Affairs for UPSC: Economy banking and finance from November Week2: Bitcoin, RBI Retail Direct Scheme

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RBI Retail Direct Scheme to allow retail investors to directly purchase government securities 😍1) deepening of the capital market 😍2) resource mobilisation for the government. Already covered in Mrunal's Free Win21 Lecture Series available at mrunal.org/download (आम निवेशक रिज़र्व बैंक में खाता खोलकर सीधा ही सरकारी प्रतिभूतियों में निवेश कर सके। इससे पूंजी बाज़ार की जड़ें गहरी होगी और सरकार के लिए कर्ज़ का पैसा बटोराना थोड़ा आसान होगा) Read More...

[Lecture] Mrunal’s UPSC GSM3-2020 Model Ans: Agro, Food Proc, Environment, Disaster Management


What are the major factors responsible for making rice-wheat system a success? In spite of this success how has this system become bane in India? (धान-गेहूं प्रणाली को सफल बनाने के लिए कौन-से प्रमुख कारक उत्तरदायी हैं? इस सफलता के बावजूद यह प्रणाली भारत में अभिशाप कैसे बन गई है?) 15marks, asked in GSM3-2020 Read More...