🗞🎧 DCP: 13/Jan/23 Basic Structure of Constitution, Sharad Yadav Death, Delhi Jail overcrowding, Prince Harry’s New Book & more Daily Current Affairs Pipudi for UPSC

Polity⚖️ Polity: election: Representation of People Act, 1951 prohibits anyone confined in a prison from exercising the most fundamental civil liberty of voting. This includes both convicts and undertrials. Polity: legislature: All-India Presiding Officers’ Conference held in Jaipur. It [...]

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DCP12/Jan/23 VSHORAD MANPAD, 3 new Coop Bodies, NSA Powers to IAS, RRR song wins golden globe & more Daily Current Affairs Pipudi for UPSC Thursday

IR/Defense: Defense Minister’s DEFENCE Acquisition Council (DAC) gave an Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) to procure the Very Short Range Air Defence System or VSHORAD (IR Homing) missile system, It is designed and developed by the Defence Research and Development [...]

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DCP11/Jan/23 GST on Online Gaming, VSHORAD, DELEGATED LEGISLATION & more Daily Current Affairs Pipudi for UPSC

Economy💳 Polity⚖️ IR/Defense🔫 Environment🌿 Geography🗺 Essay: Women in Sports Challenges PIN-GK🏋️ GPSC Economy💳 EcoPill2-Budget Taxation: GST on online gaming that require skill: e.g. crossword puzzles, bridge, rummy, poker, scrabble. if fees to join online gaming contest is Rs.1000 and [...]

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DCP09/Jan/23: MV Ganga Vilas, Joshimath, just energy transition partnership (JETP) & more Daily Current Affairs Pipudi for UPSC

EcoPil5-INFRA: Transport- PM Modi launches Luxury cruise ship, MV Ganga Vilas. It’ll start from Varanasi to Dibrugarh, via Bangladesh, a 3,200-km river voyage - it’ll be world’s longest river cruise. It will make pit-stops to cover various historical, cultural [...]

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DCP: 06/Jan/23 Foreign Universities allowed, small savings schemes rate hike, Haldwani Eviction, & TRF Banned more Daily Current Affairs Pipudi for UPSC

EcoPill6: HRD: National Education Policy, 2020 says allow foreign universities in India. 2022: New UGC norms: Foreign universities can set up campus, decide fee, send back funds.Freedom to hire foreign faculty. Offline classes,no online. 🤩 Indian students will not [...]

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🗞🎧 DCP: 05/Jan/23 Green Hydrogen Mission, BIND Scheme, Heat Dome, freedom of speech against private citizens & more Daily Current Affairs Pipudi for UPSC

Environment/Pollution Polity- Freedom of Speech against Pvt Citizens Economy BIND Scheme Merger of Film Bodies Demographic issues Environment/Pollution: Heat Dome Ethics : attitude towards women History/Culture: Missing monuments Environment/Pollution Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s Green hydrogen mission: 1) [...]

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🗞🎧 DCP: 04/Jan/23: ’NEXT’ Exam for Doctors license, Ministers’ Freedom of Speech, Lesna AI, & more Daily Current Affairs Pipudi for UPSC

Polity: Right to life: Cinemas can bar outside food, must give free drinking water rules Supreme Court. (सिनेमा घरों के मालिक, प्रेक्षकों को बाहर से खाना लाने पर प्रतिबंध लगा सकते हैं, किंतु मुफ़्त पेयजल देना, सिनेमा की ज़िम्मेदारी [...]

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🗞🎧 DCP: 03/Jan/23: D-SIB, Demonetisation Verdict, 0 Rhino Poaching, PBD Awards & more Daily Current Affairs Pipudi for UPSC

EcoPill2B-Black money: SC ruling on demonetisation: 4–1 majority judges upheld Government’s decision. 1 judge dissented that RBI didn’t apply its mind, and government should have enacted a law and informed parliament. Justice Nagarathna held that Section 26(2) gives excessive [...]

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DCP: 02/Jan/23 Croatia joins EU, Remote Voting Machine, ICCR, & more Daily Current Affairs Pipudi for UPSC

IR/Defense: United Nations General Assembly resolution asked International Court of Justice’s opinion Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.India abstained but vote passed by majority. (संयुक्त राष्ट्र की सामान्य सभा ने अंतरराष्ट्रीय न्याय अदालत से फ़िलिस्तीन पे इज़राइल के क़ब्ज़े [...]

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🗞🎧 DCP: 01/Jan/23: Alok Sharma knighthood for climate change, GST changes, Lost Monuments & more Daily Current Affairs Pipudi for UPSC

History/Culture Polity Economy: GST Changes before and after Ethics/Society Persons in News- Alok Sharma History/Culture urbanization impact on monuments: AS MANY as 50 of India’s 3,693 centrally protected monuments are missing/ untraceable over the years Reasons: due to rapid [...]

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