[Download] Topicwise UPSC Mains General Studies Paper-2 (GSM2): Polity, Welfare, Governance, International Relations (IR) since new Syllabus of 2013

Prologue GS2 Mains-Topicwise Questions since Syllabus change [Block-1] Polity Polity: Basics of Constitution Polity: The Executive Polity: Legislature & Elections Polity: Separation of Powers Polity: Federalism & Local governance Polity: Bodies [Block-2] Policies for sectors, services Welfare: Policies & [...]

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[Download] Topicwise UPSC Mains General Studies Paper-1 (GSM1): since new Syllabus of 2013 to latest 2019

Prologue GSM1-Topicwise Questions since Pattern change in 2013 [Block-1] History History: Art & Culture History: India before Independence History: India After independence History: world [Block-2] Social Science Social Science: Caste, Religion, Region, Globalization Social Science: Poverty, Population, Globalization Social [...]

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[T25] UPSC Mock Round#45: Polity practice MCQs: ‘Ma Gridhah Kasyasvidhanam’ is the motto of which organization? & more

Prologue Fundamental Rights and Duties Rights → Women Rights Issues: SC/ST & others Federalism Amendments to Constitution Judiciary: Supreme Court & HC Bodies: Statutory / Constitutional Defense related practice MCQs Defense → Institutions Defense → Military Exercises Defense → [...]

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[Win20CSP] Mrunal’s Free Economy Update Lecture#5: Black Money, Tax Payers’ Charter, Tax Morale & Behavioral Economics, Subsidies, Disinvestment, Fiscal Deficit FBRM Escape Clause

Prologue Free Lecture & Handout on Pillar#2: Budget List of Topics to be covered in next free Lecture Tax Evasion → Budget-2019 & 2020- Tax Payers' Charter Revenue Expenditure related updates Budget  →  Capital Receipts  → Borrowing Next Economy [...]

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[T25] UPSC Mock Round#41: Freedom Struggle to Medieval History for Competitive Exams- Mughal Painting to Hyderabad Accession & More

Prologue Medieval Dictionary Terms Mughal Painting, Travellers & Authors Freedom Struggle: art-culture, edu & Social Reforms Pratik Nayak's Full course on Art & Culture Freedom Struggle: 1857 to entry of Gandhi Freedom Struggle: Entry of Gandhi onwards Prologue Time [...]

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UPSC Clarifies: IAS Prelims NOT Postponed, but IF any Changes, they may announce in future. तो पढ़ाई पे ध्यान दो, अफवाहों पे नही

update on May-04-2020: UPSC has announced through a scrolling banner on its website that: UPSC Civil Service Prelims exam, that was scheduled at 31/5/2020 stands deferred. (स्थगित) Decision on fresh date will be made available on 20th May 2020 [...]

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[Win20CSP] Mrunal’s Free Economy Update Pack Pillar#2: Budget, Taxation, 15th Finance Commission, Disinvestment & Fiscal Deficit for Previous Batch Students

Prologue Free Lecture & Handout on Pillar#2: Budget List of Topics Updated in Pillar2 after Prelims-2019 Budget : introduction Taxation  → Direct Taxes updates after Prelims-2019 Taxation  → Indirect Taxes updates after Prelims-2019 15th Finance Commission Tax Evasion → [...]

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