[BES181/5] Bank Recapitalization Bonds, EASE Framework for PSB, BASEL-III Norms, RBI’s PCA Framework

Why BASEL norms? How can a bank acquire new capital for BASEL-III INDRADHANUSH why Rs. 2.11 Lakh crore Recapitalization plan? Bank recapitalization Bonds (Rs.1.35 lakh cr.) Criticism of Rs.2.11 lakh package Hidden objective of Demonetization Financial repression (वित्तीय दमन) [...]

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[BES181/1] Money: Cryptocurrencies not legal tenders in India; What is Marshall Island-SOV, Venezuela-Petro?

Why Cryptocurrencies? What is Cryptocurrency? What does Budget-2018 say about Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency Mining = Environmental degradation & Digital Divide Cryptocurrency Payment system= Illegal Activities & Tax evasion Cryptocurrency Exchange Systems also bad because: Avoidance of capital gains tax Speculation, [...]

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[BES180/1] Economic Survey: Meaning, Structure, Preface, LISTICLES upto Volume1 Chapter1 & MCQs

What is economic survey? (आर्थिक सर्वेक्षण होता क्या है?) 1) Description of the past 2) Prediction and Prescriptions for Future Who prepares the Economic Survey? (कौन बनाता है?) IES, CEA and Finance Secretary How is the Survey prepared? (कैसे [...]

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