[Rights Issues] Legalizing Prostitution, Gender Gap Report, Widows of Vrindavan, Christian Women Property rights

Legalizing prostitution Immoral Traffic prevention Act, 1956 Pro arguments: sex trade be legalized bcoz: Anti-Arguments: Sex trade must not be legalized bcoz: WEF: Gender Gap Report 2014 (Oct 14) Property rights of Christian women (Sep-14) Widows of Vrindavan (Sep-14) [...]

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[Rights issue] Education: Government schemes, organizations, SABLA, NPEGEL, Jalmani, Bal Shree, mock questions

Introduction Constitutional provisions abt. Education Scheme: Food Schemes: infra/Services Organizations Schemes: CASH/scholarship/award Mock Questions Introduction List is not exhaustive. Article is written mainly keeping the competitive exam MCQs worthy information and skimming the rest. Article is subject to revision. [...]

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[Rights Issue] Socio Economic Caste Census (SECC) 2011: Purpose, Benefits, Features, Deprivation index

SECC-2011: WHY needed? Census Difference: Regular vs SECC Confidential? BPL: SECC vs Planning Commission Poverty: UN Definition Poverty Line: India Tendulkar SECC-Players involved Procedure Data collection SECC: Methodology #1: Automatically Excluded #2: Automatically Included #3: Deprivation indicator 7 deprivation [...]

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