Articles for Mock Questions & Model Answer writing tips for UPSC Civil Services IAS/IPS Mains Examination.

[Model Answer] UPSC GSM1-2017/Q6: Carbon Imperialism vs Economic Cost of Renewable Energy vs Social Cost of Thermal Powerplants: Model Answers in Hindi & English

Mock Questions for UPSC Mains Q1: Carbon Imperialism Introduction (Define | Origin | Data) Body#1: India believes in Low carbon economy 1A: INDC 1B: Carbon Tax 1C: Schemes, Missions, Initiatives Body#2: India vs Carbon Imperialism Conclusion (Summary | Finding) [...]

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[AW/GSM4] Art of Answer writing: Transparency of Rules Act (TORA) vs RTI vs Citizen Charter for Transparency, Accountability & Good Governance

Mock Questions for UPSC Mains GSM2, 4 & PubAd Relevance in the Mains Syllabus? Brainstorming for Keypoints Introduction: Define | Origin | Data Transparency of Rules Act (TORA): Salient Features Compare: TORA vs. Citizen Charter Compare: TORA vs. RTI [...]

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[Economy/GSM2] Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) vs WTO: MFN-Forward, Standstill & Ratchet, India’s stand, with Model Answers in Hindi & English

Mock Questions for UPSC Mains GS Paper-2 Introduction Origin of Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) TISA's Classification of services MNCs in Public Service Delivery TISA vs. Public sector enterprises Labour Rights vs commercial presence Data Privacy Blanket cover to [...]

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[GPSC] મુખ્ય પરીક્ષા માટે મોડેલ પ્રશ્ન અને જવાબો: જાહેર વહીવટ, જાહેર સેવાઓ અંગેનો નાગરીકોનો અધિકાર, માહિતી કાયદો, ખાનગીકરણ

Mock Questions for GPSC Mains GS2 Model Answerkey Answer: Right to public service vs RTI Answer: RTI State commission vs State RPS appellate authority Answer: PubAd: applied view vs managerial view Answer: Influence of Pvt admin on Pub.Ad Answer: [...]

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[AW/GSM3] Art of Answer writing: Minor Forest Produce (MFP) significance & challenges for Tribal economy: Model Answers in English & Hindi

Prologue Answer: Introduction (Definition) Significance Challenges behind subdued impact Conclusion Hindi Answer Writing Prologue To get best mileage out of this article series: First study the question topic from books and web resources. Answer each question in 200 words [...]

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[AW/GSM2] Art of Answer writing: Regulatory Bodies autonomy & independence: Model Answers in English & Hindi

  Prologue Question Brainstorming for the points: Introduction of the Answer Body#1: Areas where regulators achieved objectives: Body#2: Areas where regulators couldn't achieve objectives: Body#3: Area where regulators need to be autonomous: Conclusion (Finding) Model Answer in English Model [...]

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