Articles for Mock Questions & Model Answer writing tips for UPSC Civil Services IAS/IPS Mains Examination.

[Model Answer] GSM1-2017/Q1: Gupta coins & numismatic art was better than its successive dynasties. Justify (150 Words, 10 Marks)

Question Introduction of the Answer Body#1: Why Gupta coins are spectacular? Body#2: Why Post-Gupta coins are less spectacular? Conclusion After-thoughts Question Q. How do you justify the view that the level of excellence of Gupta numismatic art is not [...]

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[AW/GSM1] Society: Post-Truth & Rise of Intolerance in India vs (GSM2): Constitution: Liberty of Thought & Expression? With Model Answers

Mock Questions for UPSC GSM1 Introduction: Origin of Intolerance Introduction: Origin of Post-Truth Post Truth in US/UK Post Truths against Indian Economy Post-Truths in Indian Society Post Truth in Science Technology Post Truths against Indian Judiciary Post Truth in [...]

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[AW/GSM1] Art & Culture: Declining Male Classical Dancers & Sanskrit Literature in Modern India- with Model Answers

Mock Qs for UPSC Mains GSM1 Ans1: Classical dances are female domination in modern times. why? Brainstorm Introduction (Definition + Origin): Body#1: Patronage & Economic opportunities Recognition Taboo notions Misc. reasons Conclusion (Summary): Common Mistakes in writing this answer [...]

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[AW/GSM3] Economy: Give Fiscal stimulus for 6-Quarter GDP dip & GST troubles of MSME/Small Traders? Critically Examine. Model Answer Included

Mock Question for UPSC Mains GSM3 Answer#1: Fiscal Stimulus: To give or Not? Introduction: Direct Taxes alone can't fill treasury even after Demonetization Indirect Taxes: Non-cooperative fiscal federalism Non-Tax Revenue potential is limited Money is better spent in social [...]

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[GSM3/Disasters] Human Stampede Prevention, Role of Science Tech (GSM3) & Code for Media (GSM4) With Model Answer Writing

Mock Questions for UPSC Mains Introduction: Stampede disasters Body#1: Causes / triggers for stampedes Body#2: Disaster Preparedness: Before Stampede Planning & coordination Volunteers, Paramedics & Security personnel Control Room Traffic Entry Tickets & Display boards Pathways Entry and Exit [...]

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[AW/GSM3] Tomato Inflation, Organic Farming, Pulses Inflation: Mock Questions & Model Answer Writing for UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam

Mock Questions for Mains Organic Farming (जैविक कृषि) Benefits of Organic Farming? Challenges in organic farming? Government initiatives Conclusion Tomato inflation Introduction in all 3 ways: Body#1: Tomato Yield has declined because: Body#2: Area under cultivation declined because: Body#3: [...]

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[Summary] Economy#4A: Agriculture Output Selling (3/3): Price Deficiency Payment (PDP), MSP, APMC & Food Management gist of Survey Vol1&2, NITI 3YRs & SDG30

Prologue MSP: Why? MSP: Problems Replace MSP with PDP: why? Counter-cyclical sowing: APMC act: problems and remedies APMC Reforms? E-NAM: Feature & PRoblems Food Management OMSS Price Stabilization Fund-2014 DCP-1997 NFSA-2013 Prologue In the previous two articles, I covered [...]

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[Summary] Economy#4A: Agriculture Extension & Research, GM Crops (Part 2/3) for Descriptive Exams gist of Survey Vol1&2, NITI 3YRs & SDG30

Prologue Hybrid / GM Crops: Introduction Benefits Criticism and Apprehensions NITI/Survey stand Conclusion Agriculture Research: Constrains & Reforms Agriculture Extension: Meaning & Types Channels NITI/Survey suggestions Precision farming Agriculture Education Prologue Continuing on with the combined summary of Survey16v1v2, [...]

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[Summary] Economy#4A: Agriculture Credit & Inputs (Part 1/3) for Descriptive Exams gist of Survey Vol1&2, NITI 3YRs & SDG30

Prologue Agriculture: Introduction Agriculture Inputs Agri-Input#1: Agriculture Credit (ऋण) Agri Credit: Government | RBI Initiatives Agriculture Loan Waiver: to give or not to give? Agri-Input#2: Irrigation (सिंचाई) Why Micro Irrigation (सूक्ष्म सिंचाई)? Irrigation: Govt Initiatives Agri-Input#3: Seeds (बीज) Seeds: [...]

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