[Land Reforms] Bhoodan, Gramdan, Vinoba Bhave: Achievements, obstacles, limitations

Prologue Bhoodan Movement (Donation of Land) Bhoodan: Mechanism/procedure/features Bhoodan: Positive Bhoodan: Obstacles, Limitations, Problems Gramdan (Donation of the Entire Village) Gramdan: Concept/Principles Gramdan Mechanism Gramdan: Benefits Pardi Satyagraha, Gujarat, 50s Mock Questions Prologue So far we’ve seen: British Tenure [...]

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[Land Ceiling] Phase 2: After 1972- under Indira Gandhi, Uttar Pradesh failure and Ignored Post-LPG

Second stage: 1972 onwards 34th Amendment Land Ceiling: problems/ limitations/obstacles #Epicfail in UttarPradesh Land reform Delayed is land reform denied Hardly any ‘redistribution’ Lack of Auxiliary Support Lack of Political Mobilization Lack of Administrative will FYP did not give [...]

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[Land Ceiling] Phase 1: Since Independence to 1974 in India, Salient Features, Limitations, Failures

Ceiling Phase 1: Freedom to 1972 Salient Features Limitations/Failures of Land Ceiling (‘47-‘72) Negative#1: No redistribution Negative#2: Family vs Individual Negative#3: Land ceilings too high Negative#4: Exempted land categories Negative#5: Delay in Law Making Negative#6: History repeats Ceiling Phase [...]

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[Land Reforms] Post Independence: Abolition of Zamindari, Reasons, Impact, Obstacles, Limitations, First Amendment

Prologue What is Land reform? Land reforms: broad vs narrow sense What are the objectives of Land reforms? Increase production social justice Economic development Improve standard of living Post-Freedom: Towards land reforms Why Abolish Zamindari? First Amendment, 1951 #1: [...]

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[Land Reforms] Role of Indian Congress in Land reforms during the British Raj, Gandhi’s Views on Land Reforms, All India Kisan Sabha

Prologue #1: Land reforms Congress in Provincial Governments 1937 @Bihar @Uttar Pradesh @Bombay @Other Provinces Overall Limitations #2: Congress Resolutions 4farmers @Karachi session, 1931 @Firozpur Session, 1936 @election manifesto,1937 Other resolutions/Manifestos Rise of All India Kisan Sabha Kisan Manifesto, [...]

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[Land Reforms] British Land tenure System: features, Consequences of Permanent Settlement, Ryotwari, Mahalwari

Prologue What is land reform? Players in Land tenure system? The State Owner Superior tenants Inferior Tenants Share croppers Landless laborers Land Tenure System: British Legacy Permanent Settlement: Features Permanent Settlement: Consequences Ryotwari System Ryotwari System: Features Ryotwari System: Consequences [...]

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[Rights issue] Education: Government schemes, organizations, SABLA, NPEGEL, Jalmani, Bal Shree, mock questions

Introduction Constitutional provisions abt. Education Scheme: Food Schemes: infra/Services Organizations Schemes: CASH/scholarship/award Mock Questions Introduction List is not exhaustive. Article is written mainly keeping the competitive exam MCQs worthy information and skimming the rest. Article is subject to revision. [...]

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