[Rights Issue] Socio Economic Caste Census (SECC) 2011: Purpose, Benefits, Features, Deprivation index

SECC-2011: WHY needed? Census Difference: Regular vs SECC Confidential? BPL: SECC vs Planning Commission Poverty: UN Definition Poverty Line: India Tendulkar SECC-Players involved Procedure Data collection SECC: Methodology #1: Automatically Excluded #2: Automatically Included #3: Deprivation indicator 7 deprivation [...]

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[Polity] Judicial Impeachment, reforms, Judicial accountability Bill,Sri Lankan CJ Impeachment

Judicial Accountability: intro? Judges Impeachment: India Justice Soumitra Sen impeachment Justice P Dinakaran impeachment Reforms necessary Judicial Standards and Accountability(JSA) Bill National Judicial Oversight Committee Sri Lankan Chief Justice Impeachment Mock Questions Judicial Accountability: intro? Judicial Impeachment is an [...]

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[Polity] Juvenile Justice Act: features, Controversy post Delhi-Gangrape, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)

What is Juvenile Justice Act 2000? Features of Juvenile Justice Act Special Juvenile Police Unit Why in News/Controversy? Pro arguments (= reform needed) Juvenile Justice in other countries United Kingdom United States of America Australia PIL in Delhi Highcourt [...]

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