[GSM2] Polity Current Mock Q&A: Orphans in OBC list, Domestic Violence & Doctrine of Severability, Prisoners voting rights & right to photocopy

Mock Questions: Mains GS Paper-2 (Polity) Answer Hints/ Keypoints Q1: Include orphans in OBC list? Q2: Lalita Pawar: Domestic Violence, Doctrine of Severability Q3: Right to Photocopy Q4: RPA and Prisoner's participation Mock Questions: UPSC Mains GS Paper-2 (Polity) [...]

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[Polity] Countermanding Elections, Double Dissolution, NEET Ordinance, Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan & More Current Affairs from May 2016

Prologue #1: Election Related RPA: Election Countermanding in Tamilnadu Q1-2016: State Election result Election: Misc. developments #2: Parliament related Parliament misbehavior Computerized drawing of Qs for Question hour? Double dissolution in Australian Parliament Parliament: Misc. Developments #3: Judiciary related [...]

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CAPF Answerkey 2015: Polity Questions solved with Explanations, 11 out 19 from Laxmikanth, Focus on GK

Observations on Polity Questions Committees The Union (Prez, PM, Parliament) Constitutional / Statutory Bodies Polity terms Articles & Schedules Rights issues Making of Constitution Observations on Polity Questions Total 19 MCQs, 11 of them could be solved directly from [...]

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[Polity] Land Ordinance 2014 vs. Land Acquisition Act 2013: Salient Features, Comparison & Criticism

LARR Act 2013 Salient features of LARR-2013 Act? Why Land ordinance? Land Ordinance 2014: Salient Features Land ordinance: Critcism/Anti-arguments Appendix-I: Examples of Public Purpose acquisition Appendix-II: 13 central laws exempted Mock Questions LARR Act 2013 Land Acquisition, Rehab, Resettlement [...]

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[Rights Issues] Legalizing Prostitution, Gender Gap Report, Widows of Vrindavan, Christian Women Property rights

Legalizing prostitution Immoral Traffic prevention Act, 1956 Pro arguments: sex trade be legalized bcoz: Anti-Arguments: Sex trade must not be legalized bcoz: WEF: Gender Gap Report 2014 (Oct 14) Property rights of Christian women (Sep-14) Widows of Vrindavan (Sep-14) [...]

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