[Culture] Stupa, Pillars, Caves & Sculptures: Harappa, Maurya, Gupta age- by Ishani Pandya (Rank-502, CSE-2014)

Prologue AC1/P1: Sculptures, Seals, Town planning: Indus Valley Civilization AC1/P2: Stupa & Pillar- Mauryan Age; Post Mauryan Sculpture AC1/P3: Cave architecture- Gupta Age, Ajanta-Ellora Prologue Ms.Ishani Pandya (Rank 502/CSE-2014, ICLS) lecture on Mains GS1-Revision- Indian art and culture. Lecture [...]

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[Sangam-Age] Chola: Architecture, administration, Conquests & 1000th year of Rajendra-1 Chola’s Coronation

3-Southern Kingdoms: Chola, Chera, Pandya Imperial Chola Rajendra-1 (1000th Year of coronation, 2014) Chola Architecture Chola society and administration Chola patronized Buddhism Mock Questions Chola, Chera, Pandya On 3rd Nov 2014, Indian navy celebrated the 1000th Anniversary of Rajendra [...]

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[Buddhism] Anagarika Dharmapala stamp, Ghantasala’s Smiling Buddha, Bhamla Stupa in Pakistan, Bamiyan SAARC Cultural Capital

Anagarika Dharmapala (1864-1933) Buddhist Sites in News Ghantasala's Smiling Buddha Idol Pakistani Buddhist sites Bamiyan: SAARC Cultural Capital (2015) Mock Questions Anagarika Dharmapala (1864-1933) He was the founder of Sinhalese Buddhist nationalism, even participated in Sri Lankan freedom struggle [...]

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[Architecture] Satvahan Kings- Empire, Architecture, Scupltures and Tantric worshipping

Brief Profile of Satvahan dynasty Tantric Worshipper Satvahan Kings Satvahan Architecture Sculpture @Sarnath CSAT Sample MCQs Satvahana Dynasty: Brief Introduction Puranic literature calls them "Andhra-jati". Greek Ambassador Megasthenes' book "Indica" says- Satvahan had a might army and 30 forts. [...]

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[Temples] Hoysala Architecture, Padmanabhaswamy treasure, Australian Nataraja

Hoysala Temple Architecture Kirtinarayan Temple (Hoysala) Padmanbhaswami temple Controversy Temple Treasures Gopal Subraminum’s Report Australian Nataraja from Chola temple Hoysala Temple Architecture Topic in news because ASI restored Kirtinarayan Temple. (GS1) Q.Write a short note on Hoysala Temple Architecture [...]

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