[Economy] New Bank Licences: Bandhan, IDFC, Bharatiya Mahila Bank; Differential Bank licences, Bimal Jalan Committee, Narsimhan Committee; arguments favor against, Bank nationalization, Historic evolution of Banking sector in India

Prologue Banking sector in British India Birth of RBI Banking sector Post Independence Narsimhan Committee I (1991) Bank licences: 1st Round (1993) Narsimhan Committee II (1998) New Bank licences 2nd round (2001) New Bank...Click to Read More...1

[Current] April-Week1-P3: Diplomacy, International Relations-Arms Trade Treaty, India’s stand,NSA reforms Snowden, Navy War-room leak,Palestine UN membership,Sino-Indian partnership in Afghanistan with Mains answer-writing practice

Prologue D1: Arms Trade Treaty, India’s Stand, Ratification D2: Sino-Indian partnership in Afghanistan post NATO withdrawal D3: Chinese Democracy = won’t work, says their President D4: Palestine wants to join UN bodies D5: Obama’s...Click to Read More...1