[Revision] Science-Tech Highlights from The Hindu 2011 AF

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go to link Note: This is very brief revision note for S&T portion of CSAT GS Paper I. I’m running out of time so the content is not properly classified and sentences are incomplete. Message to those feeling extremely stressed for 20th May :  Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They’re just brave five minutes longer. Carburettor Biodiversity Muscle Artic vs … Read More


[Aptitude] Food/Water will last for how many days?

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source url Case: Dying villagers and water supply Case: Constant villagers and Water supply Mock questions Case: Dying villagers and water supply Ramgarh had population of 120 people and water supply for 210 days. But after 10 days, 40 villages die. How long will the remaining water last? We can solve it, using our Universal STD table methodTM. Suppose 1 village needs … Read More


[Aptitude] TSD: Relative speed, Moving towards eachother

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http://buy-generic-clomid.com/clomid_adult_dosage.html Relative speed concept Case  : Two people start together simultaneously Case: Two people don’t start together TnW= Time and Work TSD=Time speed and Distance. But we solve them using same STD formula, as you’ve seen in my previous articles. TSD got four main type of problems 1. Trains and Platforms 2. Boats and streams 3. Relative speed 4. Circular track. … Read More


[Aptitude] PnC: All possible numbers using 012345, All possible words using ABCDE, Permutation Arrangement Made Easy with and without Formulas

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Following types of questions pretty common in competitive exams: How many numbers of five digits can be formed with the digits 1,2,3,4 and 5, without repetition? How many words can be formed using all of the letters from A to E without repetition? How many ways can 5 men be arranged in 5 chairs? Whether it is digits, letters or … Read More


[Aptitude] TSD: Average Speed made easy without Formulas (Our Good ol’ STD-Table Method!)

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If you’ve mastered the STD table method for Time n Work my previous articles, then Average speed is a piece of cake. Absolutely No need to mugup any formula for average speed. Case 1: Distance covered in two phases Approach #1: Good ol’ STD Table Step1: Fill up all cells of STD Table Step2: Addition Approach #2: Alligiation method Case … Read More


[Aptitude] Family Trees & Blood Relations: Logical Arrangement Made Easy

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Introduction Dataset #1 Step 1: Gender and Generation table Step 2: Checklist Questions based on the Family-Data Dataset #2: UPSC CSP’2000 Step #1: Gender and Generation table Step-2: Run the checklist Step-3: Solve the Question Do eliminate wrong options Keep a Watch on the Watch Previous Articles on Aptitude Introduction Family relation / Family tree / Bloodline related aptitude questions … Read More


[Aptitude] Compound Interest Rate, Population Growth without Formulas

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Introduction Case: City’s population: Growth Case: City’s Population: Decline Case: Bank’s compound interest rate(CI) Case: CI →Finding Nemo Principal Case: Compounding Twice a Year Case: Compounding thrice a year Case: Wine Replacement (Adulteration) Approach 1: Alligiation loop   Approach #2: Compound Interest Case: Adulteration→Finding Original volume Case: Simple interest rate (SI) Case: SI→ Finding Principal Practice Questions for CI/SI Sidenote … Read More

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