[Win20CSP] Mrunal’s Free Economy Update Pack Pillar1BtoD: YesBank AT1 Bonds, IBC Amendments, Bond-ETF, PM-FBY 2.0 etc

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Economy Update#1: Money, Banking, Finance, Insurance

Short Story: next FREE lecture is on 7th April Tuesday, 9PM. Here’s the link Long Story, is as following If you’re my old batch student from 2019, you’d have my full length economy handout from Plus courses. This win20CSP series contains FREE updates that occurred after Prelim-2019.? Download PDF link. Last month, I conducted the first lecture wherein Pillar1A upto … Read More


[BES181/5] Bank Recapitalization Bonds, EASE Framework for PSB, BASEL-III Norms, RBI’s PCA Framework

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Why BASEL norms? How can a bank acquire new capital for BASEL-III INDRADHANUSH why Rs. 2.11 Lakh crore Recapitalization plan? Bank recapitalization Bonds (Rs.1.35 lakh cr.) Criticism of Rs.2.11 lakh package Hidden objective of Demonetization Financial repression (वित्तीय दमन) Moral Hazard (नैतिक खतरा) What if banks refuse to comply with BASEL-III norms? What is RBI’s Prompt Corrective Action framework (PCA)? … Read More