[Banking] PM Jan Dhan Yojana: Salient Features, Benefits, Limitations & truckload of criticism

Prologue Disturbing numbers PMJDY: Salient Features: Jan-Dhan: Benefits, Pro-Arguments Criticism / Anti-Arguments Multiple accounts to get more insurance Money laundering Insurance thuggary in small fonts BCA model is EPICFAIL DBT Epicfail => vicious cycle Mock Questions Prologue Topics part [...]

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[Disinvestment] Timeline, Methods, Pro & Anti Arguments, Modi Policy on PSU reforms and Disinvestment

Prologue Disinvestment Timeline in India Two methods of disinvestment Retail investors' participation? Hardly! Disinvestment: arguments in favor and against Modi-Reform1: Disinvesting NHPC, Coal India, ONGC Modi Reform2: Revive 5 and shut down 6 Mock Questions Prologue Combining Disinvestment theory [...]

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[Economy] Inflation Indexed Bonds IIB, IINSS-C: Salient Features, real interest rate, nominal interest rate

Prologue Nominal vs Real interest rate Inflation index bonds: Salient Features IIB: How do they protect against inflation? IIB: principal also protected Prologue Economic Survey Chapter 4: Prices and Monetary Management. FIVE subparts Inflation indexed bonds measures of money [...]

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[Economic Survey] Ch4: Measures of Money Supply, M0-M1-M2-M3-M4; Reserve-Narrow-Broad Money, Money multiplier & Velocity

Prologue Factors affecting money supply WHY should we measure money supply? M0: Reserve money M1: Narrow Money M2 M3 (Broad Money) M4 Liquidity and ranking Money multiplier Velocity of money circulation Factors affecting Velocity of money circulation Assertion reasoning [...]

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[Economic Survey] Ch4: Inflation- Trends in WPI, CPI, IIP & International market, Government reforms to combat price rise

Prologue [Act 1] Theory recap [Act 2] WPI inflation trend: Survey points [Act 3] CPI inflation trend: Survey points [Act 4] IIP Trend: survey points Mining and Power Manufacturing 8 Core industries in IIP [Act 5] Trend in international [...]

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[Economic Survey] Ch8: Agriculture Fertilizer, Nutrient Based Subsidy Policy, Budget 2014, Schemes, Funds

Prologue [Act 1] Fertilizers: Botany /Chemistry angle (NCERT) [Act 2] Subsidies: Where is it counted in budget? [Act 3] What is Nutrient Based subsidy (NBS)? Disadvantages of NBS? Urea smuggling [Act 4] Budget-2014 on Agriculture Soil Health card National [...]

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[Economic Survey] Ch8: Agriculture Minimum Support prices (MSP), Sugar pricing, FCI, Decentralized Procurement, OMSS

Prologue [Act 1] Minimum support prices (MSP) What is Open Ended Procurement? How is MSP determined? [Act 2] Sugar pricing problem SEFESU-2014 C.Rangarajan on Sugar pricing [Act 3] Food Corporation of India (FCI) FCI: procurement problems Open Market Sale [...]

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