[Economic Survey] Ch8: Agriculture Fertilizer, Nutrient Based Subsidy Policy, Budget 2014, Schemes, Funds

Prologue [Act 1] Fertilizers: Botany /Chemistry angle (NCERT) [Act 2] Subsidies: Where is it counted in budget? [Act 3] What is Nutrient Based subsidy (NBS)? Disadvantages of NBS? Urea smuggling [Act 4] Budget-2014 on Agriculture Soil Health card National [...]

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[Economic Survey] Ch8: Agriculture Minimum Support prices (MSP), Sugar pricing, FCI, Decentralized Procurement, OMSS

Prologue [Act 1] Minimum support prices (MSP) What is Open Ended Procurement? How is MSP determined? [Act 2] Sugar pricing problem SEFESU-2014 C.Rangarajan on Sugar pricing [Act 3] Food Corporation of India (FCI) FCI: procurement problems Open Market Sale [...]

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Food Security Act: Salient features, Benefits, Entitlements, grievances redressal system & criticism

Prologue National Food security Act Prices and Entitlements under NFSA Grievance Redressal Mechanism: Deadlines under Food security Act Implementation in States/UT Targeted PDS system reformed Limitation of NFSA: Prologue Economic Survey Chapter 8: Agriculture and Food Management. SIX subparts: [...]

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[Economy] WTO: Bali Summit, Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), De-minimus level, 10% Subsidy Limit, Why Modi Opposed?

Prologue WTO: Structure and functions Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade WTO agreements Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) Green. Blue and Amber subsidies Amber box: De Minimus limits What is Bali summit and Peace clause? What is Trade Facilitation Agreement? [...]

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[Eco-Survey] Ch8: National market for Agriculture, Reforms in APMC, Commodities market, NSEL crisis

Prologue Indian Agriculture: Strength/potential Why focus on Agriculture R1: APMC Act Why do we need a National Market for Agriculture? How to setup national market for Agriculture? Budget 2014 announcement R2: Commodity market What is NSEL crisis? Who is [...]

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[Economic Survey] Ch9: Industrial Policy, Labor Reforms, Factories Act, Apprentice Act, Customs & Excise duties in Budget 2014

Prologue [Act 1] Industrial license & reserved sectors [Act 2] Policies and Acts P1: Industrial policy 1991 P2: National Manufacturing Policy 2011 A1: Factories Act 1948 / Bill 2014 A2: Apprentice Act 1961 / Bill 2014 F1: Fodder: Why [...]

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[Industries] Public Sector Undertakings, CPSE-ETF, Disinvestment, NIF, Mini-Nav-Maharatna

Prologue [Act 1] PSU Classification Classification #1: where they operate? Classification #2: How they were born? [Act 2] Disinvestment National investment fund (NIF-2005) [Act 3] CPSE-ETF Exchange traded fund How is CPSE ETF different from Mutual funds? [Act 4] [...]

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[Economy] Companies Act 2013: Salient features, types of Companies, public ltd. vs private ltd, Independent Directors, SFIO, SEBI Corporate governance norms

Prologue What is corporate governance Type of companies Holding, Subsidiary and Associate companies Board of Directors Independent directors (ID) SEBI norms: Independent directors Board meetings- duration and quorum BoD: Committee Annual General Meeting (AGM) Audit related provisions Audit Committee [...]

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[Industries] Micro Small & Medium enterprises (MSME), Definitions, SSI reserved items, SIDBI, SIDF, Sick industries, Budget 2014

Prologue [Act 1] MSME Basics Definition: MSME sector Definition: Cottage vs Village industry Definition: organized vs unorganized sector Problems of these industries: [Act 2] MSME – Government initiatives Public procurement policy SIDBI, SIDF and NEF Taxation, Subsidy, Schemes for [...]

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[Industries] Service Sector- service tax, negative list, FDI limits, ICT, Tourism, Trade, R&D, Budget 2014 provisions

[Act 1] Services: theory and statistics Service Tax: theory Services kept out? Service tax: negative list (17 services) Budget 2014: Service Tax provisions Service sector vs GDP, Employment Service sector: FDI [Act 2] Tourism sector Budget 2014: tourism related [...]

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[Energy] Petrol, Diesel, LPG, Under-Recovery, Deregulation; Clean Energy, Telecommunication, NTP-2012, NFON, USOF

Prologue [Act 1] Petroleum P1: Refineries in India P2: Survey: Oil production challenges P3: OVL assets abroad P4: Budget 2014: Diesel & LPG P5: Petrol pricing What is under-recovery? Petrol price deregulation Benefits of Deregulation? [Act 2] Clean Energy [...]

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[Infrastructure] PPP challenges & reforms, 3P-India, highway projects, Industrial corridors, DMIC vs DFC, Golden vs Diamond quadrilateral

Prologue [Act 1] Infrastructure Corridors GK/theory C1: (Rail) Dedicated Freight Corridor Project C2: (Road) Industrial corridors: DMIC C3: Other industrial corridors C4: Golden vs. Diamond Quadrilateral C5: (Road) North South, East West corridor Budget 2014: industrial corridor announcements [Act [...]

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