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[BES16] Economic Survey → BoP→ Gold Monetization Scheme, Sovereign Gold Bond, Mauritius-DTAA, Helicopter Money

Prologue BES163-P1: Balance of Payment, Gold Monetization Scheme BES163-P2: Capital Account, FDI, FII, E-Commerce, Mauritius DTAA BES163-P3: Helicopter Money, Rules of Monetary Policy, ECB-framework Prologue Third pillar of Economy- balance of payment and international trade- covering the updates from [...]

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[BES16] Economic Survey → Budget-2016→7th Pay Commission, can’t JAM-DBT everything, Disinvestment, CSS-restructuring, FRBM Review

Prologue BES162-P06: 7th Pay Commission Report, IAS "Edge",OROP,HRA-Inflation BES162-P07: We can't JAM-DBT every Scheme because BES162-P08: Disinvestment- Theory & Current, Budget-2016 Target BES162-P09: Restructuring Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) BES162-P10: Fiscal Deficit- Theory & Current, Budget-2016 Target Prologue Previous lecture, [...]

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[ESB16] Economic Survey → Budget-2016→Fiscal Capacity, Direct-Indirect Taxes, PoEM, Voluntary Disclosure of Black Money

Prologue ESB162/P01: Fiscal capacity- meaning, implications, how to raise it? ESB162/P02: Consolidated Fund, Contingency Fund & Public Account ESB162/P03: Direct Taxes- IT, Corporation Tax, MAT, DDT, CGT, STT in Budget-2016 ESB162/P04: Panama Papers, PoEM, Voluntary Black money disclosure ESB162/P05: [...]

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[Freedom Struggle] Moderate & Extremist movements against British Rule in India, Rise of Indian National Congress (INC)

Prologue HFS7/P1: Understanding State, Nation & Nationality HFS7/P2: Rise of nationalism and politics of association in British India HFS7/P3: Indian National Congress: origin, aims, objectives, safety-valve HFS7/P4: Moderates in India’s struggle for independence HFS7/P5: Extremists in India’s struggle for [...]

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[ESB16] Economic Survey → Banking → Why Incomplete Transmission of Monetary Policy, MCLR, PSL-Certificates, New Differential Banks?

Prologue ESB161/P6: Monetary Policy Framework between RBI & FinMin ESB161/P7: Decline in Bank Deposit & Credit Growth & incomplete transmission of monetary Policy? ESB161/P8: MCLR Vs. Base Rate, Small Savings Schemes & incomplete transmission of monetary Policy? ESB161/P9-Priority Sector [...]

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[ESB16] Economic Survey → Banking → Twin Balance-sheet Problem, Bankruptcy Code, BASEL Norms, NPA-Classification, Indradhanush Plan, Bank Board Bureau & More

Prologue ESB161-P1: Overview of Economic Survey for UPSC-2016 ESB161/P2: Twin Balance sheet problem, NPA, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2015 ESB161/P3: “4R” Solution to resolve Twin Balancesheet Problem ESB161/P4: BASEL Norms & Bank Recapitalization ESB161/P5: Indradhanush Plan to revamp PSB; [...]

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[Freedom Struggle] 1857- India’s first war of Independence, Indian Response to British Colonization

Prologue HFS6/P1: Indian response to British colonization HFS6/P2: 1857 Revolt: Factors/Reasons Behind HFS6/P3: 1857 Revolt – Nature, Failure & Outcomes of Sepoy Munity Prologue So far in his history-freedom struggle lecture series, Mr.Pratik Nayak covered upto establishment of British [...]

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[Freedom Struggle] Governor Generals of East India Company- Clive, Cornwallis, Hastings, Wellesly, Bentick, Dalhousie

Prologue HFS5/P1: Stages of Colonization in India HFS5/P2: Governors East India Company: Clive to Cornwallis HFS5/P3: Governor-General William Bentick & Wellesly HFS5/P4: Governor-General Dalhousie- the maker of Modern India HFS5/P5: Railways- Development & Role in British Empire Prologue So [...]

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[Freedom Struggle] Drain of Wealth: Poverty & Unbritish Rule in India, deindustralization, Mercantilism,

Prologue HFS4/P1: Impact of British colonialism on Indian economy HFS4/P2: Deindustrialization: its impact on Indian Artisan HFS4/P3: Impoverishment of Peasant, famine poverty in British India HFS4/P4: Economic Drain of wealth from India Prologue So far in his history-freedom struggle [...]

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[Freedom Struggle] British India: Education, Vernacular Press, Indian Civil services & Land Revenue system

Prologue HFS3/P1: British India: Education and Sociocultural Policy HFS3/P2: British India: Vernacular Press & Freedom of Speech HFS3/P3: British India: Rise of Civil services HFS3/P4: British India: Land Revenue System-Zamindari HFS3/P5: British India: Land Revenue system-Ryotiwari Prologue So far [...]

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