Video lectures by Mrunal for competitive exams in India

[Economy Lecture] GS3: Infrastructure- PPP Bidding & Financing Reforms, Rail budget 2015, Debroy Committee, MMDR, Coal Auction

Prologue L7/P1: Infrastructure Bottlenecks, Bidding & financing L7/P2: Railways Budget 2015, Debroy Committee, Aviation & Shipping L7/P3: Mining industry- MMDR, Coal scam, Coal Bill 2015 Prologue On 15th May 2015, I began new session on infrastructure pillar- subpart “transport [...]

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[Economy Lecture] (Contid.) Foreign Trade Policy 2015, MEIS-SEIS, GIFT City, Chinese Forex Reserve & Undervalued Yuan

Prologue L6/P4: Foreign trade policy 2015: product-wise strategy L6/P5: Foreign trade policy 2015: schemes & reforms L6/P6: BoP-Capital Account: QE/FT, Fed Rate cut, Rate Hike L6/P7: Forex Reserve of China and Undervalued Yuan L6/P8: GIFT City and international financial [...]

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[Geography Lecture] Indian Geography: Mineral & Energy resources, Nuclear Plants, Gas Pipelines, Iron-Steel & Cement Industries

Prologue G9/P1: Indian Geography: Mines, Minerals and Coal G9/P2: Indian Geography: Petroleum & Gas Reserves & Pipelines G9/P3: Nuclear Energy in India: Uranium, Thorium, Plants & Liabilities G9/P4: Indian Geography: Steel & Cement Industries Prologue These geography lectures are [...]

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[Geography Lecture] Mains-GS3: Irrigation Types, Agriculture Extension Services, Land Reforms, Livestock & Fisheries

Prologue G8/P4: Agriculture Land reforms G8/P5: Irrigation types for GS3 & Fertilizers G8/P6: Agro Modernization: Green Revolution, Extension Services & Marketing G8/P7: Livestock: dairy and fishery sector Prologue These geography lectures are conducted by Ms. Rajtanil at Sardar Patel [...]

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[Economy Lecture] Agriculture Reforms from Eco Survey, Manufacturing Industry- Mudra Bank, AIM, SETU

Prologue L5/P2: Economic survey: Agriculture reforms L5/P3: Industrial Sector: Theory L5/P4: Factory-Labour reforms and Companies Act Prologue Continuation of the lecture series on budget-economic survey. Under Sectors of economy, GDP related topics were covered in last lecture. This next [...]

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[Geography Lecture] Land Use pattern, Soil Types, Desertification, Erosion, Soil Conversation, Indian Agriculture

Prologue G8/P1: Soil profile, erosion, conservation, salinity, desertification G8/P2: Soils of India G8/P3: Indian Agriculture and industries Part1 Prologue These geography lectures are conducted by Ms. Rajtanil at Sardar Patel institute of Public Administration (SPIPA), Ahmedabad. On 23rd March, [...]

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[Geography Lecture] Indian Geography: The Himalayas & Northern Plains, PLUS remaining climatic regions of world

Prologue G6/P8: Climatic Regions- Mediterranean G6/P9: Climatic Regions- Tundra, Taiga, China type G7/P1: Indian Geography: Himalayas & Northern Mountains G7/P2: Indian Geography: Northern Plains Prologue These geography lectures are conducted by Ms. Rajtanil at Sardar Patel institute of Public [...]

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