[Rights issue] Education: Government schemes, organizations, SABLA, NPEGEL, Jalmani, Bal Shree, mock questions

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Introduction Constitutional provisions abt. Education Scheme: Food Schemes: infra/Services Organizations Schemes: CASH/scholarship/award Mock Questions Introduction List is not exhaustive. Article is written mainly keeping the competitive exam MCQs worthy information and skimming the rest. Article is subject to revision. Constitutional provisions abt. Education 15 Right Prohibition of discrimination. 21/A Right Free and compulsory education for 6-14 y.o. kids 30/1 Right … Read More


[Polity] Inner Line Permit (ILP) issue in Manipur: Background, implications, controversy explained


What is Inner Line Permit (ILP)? What’re the Implications of ILP? Why ILP in MiNA but not in Manipur? Pro ILP arguments for Manipur #1: competition increased #2:social problems #3: Valid demand Anti ILP argument The case of Meghalaya Persons in News: Manipur MCQs What is Inner Line Permit (ILP)? If you’re an outsider and want to travel to MiNA … Read More