[Ethics] E3/P3: Neutrality, Anonymity, Impartiality- 3 foundational values for civil services

E3/P3: Video Lecture by Kavan Limbasiya (Rank-198/UPSC-2014) Characteristics: Minister vs. Officer Neutrality Conduct rules for Neutrality Why Neutrality in Danger? Election and corruption In-service and Intra-service rivalry? Arguments Against Neutrality Anonymity Conduct rules for Anonymity Arguments against anonymity Impartiality, [...]

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[Ethics] E2/P3: Attitude formation & Behavior Change, Persuasion, Prejudice, Discrimination, Stereotyping

E2/P3: Video Lecture by Kavan Limbasiya (AIR-198/CSE-2014) Attitude: Formation Why study with Attitude? Behavior prediction Social /External pressure Accessibility Strength Behavior specific attitude Prejudice vs discrimination Implicit and explicate prejudice Importance of Attitude change Cognitive dissonance Persuasion #1: Source [...]

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[Ethics] E2/P1: Attitude- Meaning, Structure, Functions, CAB Model- cognitive, affective, behavioral components

E2/P1: Video Lecture by Kavan Limbasiya (AIR-198/CSE'14) Attitude: Meaning & types Attitude: Salient Features CAB Model of Attitude Attitude Structure #1: Uni-Directional Attitude Structure #2: Bi-directional Potential vs felt ambivalence Attitude: Functions Belief + Value = Attitude E2/P1: Video [...]

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[Ethics] E1/P2: Human Interface: Theories of Ethics- Teleological, Deontological, Virtue Ethics, Conduct Ethics, Rights based, Utilitarianism, Hedonism, Egoism,

3 Theories of Ethics (V-C-R) T1: Virtue Ethics T2: Conduct Ethics T2A: Utilitarian Theory T2B: Hedonism T2C: Egoism Summary of Conduct Ethics T3: Rights Based Ethics 3 Generation of rights John Rawls Case study: Sardar & ICS Case study: [...]

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[Ethics] E1/P1: Human Interface: Types of Judgments, Prerequisite for Ethical scrutiny, Meta Ethics, Applied ethics, Normative-Descriptive ethics

Prologue 3 Types of Judgments 3 Areas in Study of Ethics S1:Meta-Ethics / Critical Ethics S2: Applied Ethics S3: Normative vs. Descriptive Ethics Ethics vs. Morality? Legality vs. Morality 3 Preconditions for Ethical Scrutiny Pc1: Free Will Pc2: Knowledge [...]

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