UPSC uploads official answerkey for CSAT-2013, lets check Decision Making & Debatable MCQs

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Mrunal Polity Lecture
  1. CSAT 2013 Official Answerkey Released
  2. Decision making
  3. Swamp deer
  4. Balance of Payment
  5. GDP
  6. Ecosystem productivity
  7. Temperature coastal vs interior
  8. Dynamic Changes on Earth surface
  9. Nirvana
  10. Sankhya School
  11. Ball bearing

CSAT 2013 Official Answerkey Released

  • After almost one year wait, UPSC has uploaded the answer key of the civil service and forest service prelim exam CSAT-2013 exam. Click ME
  • But we need original question paper to “find” the ‘question number’. here are the links
MS-Word Format PDF Format
  1. General Studies Paper
  2. Aptitude Paper
  1. General studies paper
  2. Aptitude
  • Not every question  converted properly from PDF to word,
  • but “Find” option works reasonably good, just type a few key phrases.
text unsearchable, and PDF too big in size.

After prelim-2013 I had published answer keys myself, but was unable to locate exact reference to some of the MCQs. So, let’s check what UPSC answer key has to say..

Decision making

CSAT Paper II (2013) Decision Making Question No. 75 to 80
Question number (Booklet A) UPSC official answerkey
75. House-allotment to personal Secretary
  • A-explain him why allotment can’t be done.
  • C-Agree with office note to show unbiasedness.
76. Delhi taxi driver paying bribe to transport office. Should you turn blind eye?
  • A-ask clerk to give back money
  • C-take note of incident, later complaint
77. poor man came to complain collector, but collector busy
  • C-call senior subordinate, ask him to solve.
  • D-take complaint yourself and ask a few relevant questions
78. sugar quota order vs friend’s wedding
  • B-refuse to give extra sugar
  • C-show him copy
79. How to communicate to junta to adopt family planning?
  • A-it improves health and living std.
  • C-incentives for adopting a family planning devices.
80. collegue asking you to leak university paper for his ‘last attempt’ son.
  • B-refuse
  • C-explain violation of trust.

My own answerkey (under CSAT strategy article)  matches with UPSC’s. Just slight difference in just one single question: family planning communication:

  • UPSC says A or C
  • I had taken A or D

In short, by and large, Mrunal’s EBDTM (eliminate bad decision) technique works. Click to learn the technique on how to eliminate wrong decision.
Anyways, let’s move on, some GS MCQs that had debatable answers due to lack of clear cut reference. In all of the following questions, I’m using Question booklet A.

Swamp deer

Q87. Consider the following fauna of India:

  1. Gharial
  2. Leatherback turtle
  3. Swamp deer

Which of the above is/are endangered?

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 3 only
  3. 1, 2 and 3
  4. None
Why was it debatable? UPSC’s official answer
India government websites click-me say Swamp deer endangered, while IUCN says it is only vulnerable. Hence debate between option A and C.
  • C: 1, 2 and 3
  • Meaning if sarkari sites say Swamp deer endangered then its endangered. The Examiner doesn’t refer to IUCN redlist.
  • I was taking IUCN as reference hence got wrong here.

Balance of Payment

41. The balance of payments of a country is a systematic record of

  1. all import and export transactions of a country during a given period of time, normally a year
  2. goods exported from a country during a year
  3. economic transaction between the government of one country to another
  4. capital movements from one country to another
Why was it debatable? UPSC’s official answer
None of the given options fully described all components of Balance of Payment. (observe chart below)
  • A
  • As such my answerkey also picked A, due to the mess. But my Personal opinion – that all options are wrongly framed.
  • Import export is just Balance of Trade.
  • While Balance of payment is a bigger thing that includes investment, remittance etc. observe the following chart. So from there, none of the options are correct.
UPSC official answerkey doesn't agree with this BoP classification

Balance of Payment (Click to Enlarge)


Q99. The national income of a country for a given period is equal to the

  1. total value of goods and services produced by the nationals
  2. sum of total consumption and investment expenditure
  3. sum of personal income of all individuals
  4. money value of final goods and services produced
Why was it debatable? UPSC’s official answer
Different books gave different formulas and people interpreted it in multiple ways.
  • D. money value of final goods and services produced.
  • My answerkey had “A”- so I was wrong in the interpretation here.

Ecosystem productivity

23. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of ecosystems in the order of decreasing productivity?

  1. Oceans, lakes, grasslands, mangroves
  2. Mangroves, oceans, grasslands, lakes
  3. Mangroves, grasslands, lakes, oceans
  4. Oceans, mangroves, lakes, grasslands
why debatable UPSC’s official answer
  • Different sources gave different interpretation based on how you look at “productivity” i.e. rate wise or in absolute quantity?
  • Hence both C and D seemed correct. (I wasn’t able to decide myself)
C. meaning they were asking in context of “rate” of biomass production.

Temperature coastal vs interior

60. The annual range of temperature in the interior of the continents is high as compared to coastal areas. What is / are the reason / reasons?

  1. Thermal difference between land and water.
  2. Variation in altitude between continents and oceans.
  3. Presence of strong winds in the interior
  4. Heavy rains in the interior as compared to coasts.
  1. 1 only
  2. 1 and 2 only
  3. 2 and 3 only
  4. 1, 2, 3 and 4
why debatable UPSC’s official answer
long story click me A only 1

Dynamic Changes on Earth surface

18. Consider the following:

  1. Electromagnetic radiation
  2. Geothermal energy
  3. Gravitational force
  4. Plate movements
  5. Rotation of the earth
  6. Revolution of the earth

Which of the above are responsible for bringing dynamic changes on the surface of the earth?

  1. 1, 2, 3 and 4 only
  2. 1, 3, 5 and 6 only
  3. 2, 4, 5 and 6 only
  4. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
why debatable UPSC’s official answer
long story click me D all of them responsible.


37. Which one of the following describes best the concept of Nirvana in Buddhism?

  1. The extinction of the flame of desire
  2. The complete annihilation of self
  3. A state of bliss and rest
  4. A mental stage beyond all comprehension
why debatable UPSC’s official answer
long story click me A

Sankhya School

58. With reference to the history of philosophical thought in India, consider the following statements regarding Sankhya school:

  1. Sankhya does not accept the theory of rebirth or transmigration of soul.
  2. Sankhya holds that it is the self-knowledge that leads to liberation and not any exterior influence or agent.

Which of the statements given above is /are correct?

  1. 1only
  2. 2 only
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2
why debatable UPSC’s official answer
long story click me B only 2 correct.

Ball bearing

88. Ball bearings are used in bicycles, cars, etc., because

  1. The actual area of contact between the wheel and axle is increased
  2. The effective area of contact between the wheel and axle is increased
  3. The effective area of contact between the wheel and axle is reduced
  4. None of the statements is correct
why debatable UPSC’s official answer
Friction is independent of surface area of contact (Pearson Objective Physics For AIEEE page 77) hence I took D as the answer. C.

^these are few of the debatable questions I can recall. Afterall ~1 year has passed. Had UPSC released answer key just after prelims, we could analyze it better. now lot of the details have evaporated from head. Anyways, here are the links to my old answerkey on CSAT-2013 (GS), in case there are any more errors let me know (post in this present article’s comment section).

  1. [Answerkey] CSAT 2013 Environment & Biodiversity (EnB)
  2. [Answerkey] CSAT 2013 GS: Science: Physics, Biology
  3. [Answerkey] CSAT 2013 GS: Geography: Physical, Indian, World Geography
  4. [Answerkey] CSAT 2013 GS: History & Culture
  5. [Answerkey] CSAT 2013 GS: Economy
  6. [Answerkey] CSAT 2013 GS: Polity

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  1. Always follow government’s data… :-))

    1. Online data differs from ministry to ministry since some do not update them or ignore certain criteria and won’t match with NCERTs . India 2014 is hopefully the best source.

  2. A worthy analysis,sir!

  3. hello mrunal sir,
    sir u have written a awesome studyplan for cpf(ac) which includes the complete strategy in one pdf.
    sir plss plss provide a complete strategy for csat paper 1 & 2.
    for working professionals who barely get 1 hour to study it is very tough to explore your complete site…
    pls sir your few hours hard work can save 1 year of many aspirants like me….
    this a humble request mrunal sir…

  4. My score is 200. Cut-Offs is 200. But not qualified. How is this possible Mrunal Sir.
    For confirmation:
    Roll.No. 011808
    D.O.B 02-03-1987

    1. Other older candidates wud have got selected before you. Once your quota exhausted, ur candidature was discarded.

    2. dont get disheartened bro…..make it big next time…best wishes

  5. Mrunal sir your answer key was provided just after exam hence very useful for analysis, your effort is really appreciable . Ek – be prashn to chaalse…..hahaha

  6. You need to distinguish between reality and models of reality. The textbook model of friction that you’re referring to is called the Amonton model. It’s only one of many models. It’s fairly accurate in certain situations but not in other (e.g., a lubricated bearing)

  7. Sir are u in future planning to post articles on upsc mains 2013 analysis of other topics(post ind,world history,ind society,gs 2 & gs 3)

  8. In that ball bearing question..
    Rolling friction is always lesser than sliding friction.

  9. always different upsc

  10. Sir what is the name of government web. On which swamp dear is given endangered species.

  11. only rolling friction depends on the area of contact. it arises because of deformation of surfaces

  12. for Q99 the answer has given in 11th NCERT -Economics “money value of final goods and services produced”

  13. I think friction is not independent of the area of contact. Frictional force = Co-efficient of friction * Normal reaction. Normal Reaction is a function of area. I guess what Pearson means is co-efficient of friction is independent of area

    1. thats why u can see very small brake pads in bicycle now a days as friction is independent of area of contact…….I have read it in back in twelth std physics book HC verma

  14. Should i consider both CR and endanger species? When they ask endanger species ?

  15. “Meaning if sarkari sites say Swamp deer endangered then its endangered. The Examiner doesn’t refer to IUCN redlist.”

    Please provide us the link for this.It will be great help.

  16. Mrunal Sir
    Regarding your comment “text unsearchable, and PDF too big in size.” I have a simple solution to make the text searchable on this pdf…. go to “Documents” (in the pdf page) > select “Recognize Text Using OCR” and then select the page number range for which you want to do this…. after it’s done select save and there…… you have got yourself a searchable pdf from an unsearchable one………….

  17. Mrunal sir….i always believe in your key answers….because you also mentions source….the coaching institutes key answers are unworthy

  18. Mrunal Sir (with reference to your speculation about UPSC answer keys being debatable)
    I have some irrefutable proof of grave mistakes by the UPSC answer keys………. with reference to the ESE-2013 examination E&T Objective paper – I answer key….. in one of the question UPSC’s opines—– “when a dielectric material material is inserted between two charges the force between them increases” .. Now any of the readers of this blog, even of they studied physics till Xth standard, would concur that this is dead wrong……………….so it’s not unusual of UPSC …………

  19. Hi Mrunal
    Can I know from where we can study the latest list of endangered animals? Does any govt website have a list?? I tried referring the animals from IUCN red list but it’s extremely time consuming.

  20. sir put some lights on hindi literature optional strategy…and provide details study plan for new syllabus of mains… gs1 to gs4..thanks

  21. Thank you sir…

  22. We are very much fortunate because Mrunal is with us….

  23. MRUNAL Sir,
    Why there are two correct answers for decision making? Is the weightage of both answers is same or they are in decreasing order of marks?
    Please clarify.

  24. can i get same marks in decision making question if i choose any of the 2 answer??????????????

  25. Jis din mrunal ki shadi ho jayegi, sare UPSC candidate anath ho jayege, fir kaun achhi achhi Post upload krega, kaun chidambaram ko chiddu kh k bulayega. :(

  26. Mrunal Sir (or anyone else)…can you please throw some light on how marking for decision making questions is done? Since there are two correct options…do both of them carry equal marks or is there any kind of differential marking based on most accurate and less accurate?

  27. Hi Mrunal, thanks for uploading this……in the question no. 99 (regarding GDP), official answer is D because for GDP, word “final” is very important…(In production of a book, there are many costs like paper, binding, ink, publisher etc. but only the final finished product i.e. book’s price comes under GDP—source: day to day economics IIM series)

  28. Government websites also shows ghariyal and leatherback turtle as “critically endangered” now UPSC has considered them endangered …
    SIR, Please comment on this…

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