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[Model Answer] UPSC GSM1-2017/Q15: Implications of Market-based Petro Refineries on developing country?

Question Introduction (Define / Data / Origin) Body#1: Positive Implications of Refineries away from oil-wells Beneficial to industrialization & employment generation Helps earning foreign exchange Helps controlling price volatility, optimal return to capital invested Body#2: Negative Implications “FUELS” civil [...]

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[Model Answer] UPSC GSM1-2017/Q14: Oceanic Salinity variations & its multi-dimensional effects (250 words, 15 marks) Physical Geography

Introduction (Define / Origin / Data) Body#1: Variation in salinity Body#2: Its multi-dimensional effects Current Circulation-> temperature, rainfall Marine Biodiversity, species survival Conclusion Afterthoughts Q14. Account for variations in Oceanic Salinity and discuss its multi-dimensional effects. (250 words. 15 [...]

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[Model Answer] UPSC GSM1-2017/Q12: How traditional artisanal industry’s decline crippled rural economy of colonial India

Question from UPSC Mains How to write Introduction? (Define / Data / Origin) Body#1: Colonization -> Artisans hurt Body#2: Artisans hurt -> Rural Economy Hurt Artisan hurt-> Rural eco.hurt: Weekly haats hurt-> tribal economy hurt Artisan hurt-> Rural eco.hurt [...]

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[Model Answer] UPSC GSM1-2017/Q10: Major legal initiatives by the State since Independence on discrimination against Scheduled Tribes (STs)

Prologue Brainstorming & Padding up Intro: Definition / Origin Body#1: Atrocities Act Body#2: Forest Rights Act (FRA) Conclusion Afterthoughts / Pitfalls Prologue Now that the idiocy regarding Prelim-2018 Answerkey is over, time to move on and revive the Article [...]

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[Model Answer] UPSC GSM1-2017/Q9: Whether regions form cultural units or States? (10 Marks)

Question: Regions form Cultural Units? Introduction ( Define | Origin | Data) North Eastern (N.E.) India: Culture varies with Tribes Western India: Culture transgresses state borders South India: Individual states are cultural units Northern India: Three different Cultures Himalayan [...]

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[Model Answer] UPSC GSM1-2017/Q8: Geography: How does Cryosphere affect Global Climate?

Question: Cryosphere Introduction: Define Cryosphere Body: How Cryosphere affects climate? Conclusion: cryoSPHERE is imp4 bioSPHERE Afterthoughts Question: Cryosphere Q8. How does the cryosphere affect global climate? (150 words, 10m) हिमांक-मंडल (क्रायोस्फेयर) वैश्विक जलवायु को किस प्रकार से प्रभावित करता [...]

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[Model Answer] UPSC GSM1-2017/Q7: Benefits of Pulse Cultivation, Why UN declared International Year of Pulses?

Prologue Question: Pulse Cultivation Introduction Body: Beneficiary wise Benefits To Farmer? Benefits To Consumer? To Nature? Conclusion (Summary) Alternative Body: Attribute / Property wise: Prologue Mitron, so far I've covered model answers for the first five questions asked in [...]

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[Model Answer] GSM1-2017/Q5: Physical Geography: NASA’s Juno Mission: Knowing Earth’s Origin from Jupiter’s Data?

Question: JUNO Mission (UPSC Mains GS1-2017) Introduction: JUNO's origin Body#1: Earth's Origin? Body#2: How JUNO Mission will help? Conclusion: Summary type Question: JUNO Mission (UPSC Mains GS1-2017) Q5. How does the Juno Mission of NASA help to understand the [...]

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[Model Answer] GSM1-2017/Q3: Freedom Struggle: Why Moderates failed to convince masses by end of 19th Century?

Question: Moderates = #EPICFAIL Introduction (Define | Data | Origin) Body#1: Proclaimed ideology and political goals Body#2: Why failed? Non-inclusive in nature Biased towards English medium engineers (!) Elite nature of demands Success inspires Facebook followers Conclusion Question: Moderates [...]

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[Model Answer] GSM1-2017/Q2: Spectre of fragmented polity in mid-eighteenth century India (150 words, 10 Marks)

Question: Fragmented Polity in Later-Mughal period Introduction (Define | Origin | Data) Body#1: Fragmented Polity in North & East India Body#2: Fragmented Polity in Deccan and the South Body#3: Why it was a ghastly spectre? Conclusion Question: Fragmented Polity [...]

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