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  1. PIN-2016: April
  2. PIN-2015: November
  3. PIN-2015: April
  4. PIN-2015: February & March
  5. PIN-2015: January
  6. PIN-2014: December
  7. PIN-2014: November
  8. PIN-2014: October
  9. PIN-2014: September
  10. PIN-2014: January to June
  11. EVER Green: Nobel and Mars Mission

PIN-2016: April

  1. [PIN-Apr-2016] P1: Polity, Diplomacy, Simultaneous elections, Cheraman Juma Masjid, Kohinoor
  2. [PIN-Apr-2016] P2: Books, Authors, Movies, Sports, Awards; Dengvexia, Heat Index, Autism
  3. [PIN-Apr-2016] P3: Places in News, Banking-Finance GK, Gatimaan Express, Rajan’s Salary & more controversies

PIN-2015: November

  1. [PIN-Nov-2015] Part 1/2: Justice TS Thakur, Dead in News, Diaspora, Books, Authors, Sports, Awards
  2. [PIN-Nov-2015] Part 2/2: International Summits, Bilateral Meets, Defense, Environment, Agriculture, Culture

PIN-2015: April

  1. [PIN-April] Part 1: Persons in News, Appointments, Awards, Diaspora-Vivek Murthi, Raja Rajeshwari
  2. [PIN-April] Part 2: Places in News- National & International; Nasakambangan execution island, Octcacopter drone
  3. [PIN-April] Part 3: Movies, Books & BusinessGK; India Shashtra, Umbrella Man & More
  4. [PIN-April] Part 4: Sports- Cricket, Laureus Awards, Saina Rank1 on again off again

PIN-2015: February & March

  1. [PIN-Feb-Mar] Part1: Government Appointments, Committees, Civilian Awards & Dead in News
  2. [PIN-Feb-Mar] Part2: National & International Places in News
  3. [PIN-Feb-Mar] Part3: Movie Awards, Books, Authors in News
  4. [PIN-Feb-Mar] Part4: Sports in News-ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, National Games 2015, Tennis, Football, TOPS
  5. [PIN-Feb-Mar] Part5: Business GK- Banking, Finance, IT-Electronics, Automobile, FMGC & Pharmaceuticals

PIN-2015: January

  1. [PIN-Jan-2015] Part-1/4: Persons in News- National, International, Dead & Committees Current Affairs
  2. [PIN-Jan-2015] Part-2/4: Padma Awards: Vibhushan, Bhushan and Shri- Theory & Current Affairs
  3. [PIN-Jan-2015] Part-3/4: Books, Authors, Jaipur Literature Festival & Places in News for StatePSC
  4. [PIN-Jan-2015] Part-4/4: Sports Current Affairs for MCQs & BusinessGK for MBA interviews

PIN-2014: December

  1. [PIN-Dec-2014] Part-1/2: Bharat Ratna, National-International civilians & Committees in News
  2. [PIN-Dec-2014] Part-2/2: Books-Authors, Sports, Movies, Places, Disasters & Business-GK

PIN-2014: November

  1. [PIN-November-2014] Part-1/2: Places & Persons in News, Committees, Disasters, Civilian awards
  2. [PIN-November-2014] Part-2/2: Books, Authors, Sports & Business GK for Non-UPSC exams

PIN-2014: October

  1. [PIN-Oct] Part-1/3: Persons in News, Committees, Diaspora, Begum Akhtar, Shakti Devi, Prabha Sridevan
  2. [PIN-Oct] Part-2/3: Booker Prize 2014, Books, Disasters & Places in News
  3. [PIN-Oct] Part-3/3: Sports, ASIAN Games 2014, and BusinessGK

PIN-2014: September

  1. [PIN-Sept] Part 1/3: Leaders, Diaspora, Committees and Sports in News
  2. [PIN-Sept] Part 2/3: Books, Authors, Business GK
  3. [PIN-Sept] Part 3/3: Defense, Dead and Places in News

PIN-2014: January to June

  1. [PIN-2014] Part 1/6: National- Official Posts, Committees, Stamps-2014, Defense, Telengana & more
  2. [PIN-2014] Part 2/6: International- Presidents, Prime ministers, Summits, bodies & Ukraine Crisis
  3. [PIN-2014] Part 3/6: Sports, Mascots, Athletes, Awards, FIFA-2014, Sochi-2014, Grand Slams, Hockey, Kabbadi, Cricket & more
  4. [PIN-2014] Part 4/6: Economic Regulators, Banking Sector CMDs, RBI monetary policy, RBI Committees, Business GK CEOs
  5. [PIN-2014] Part 5/6: Books, Authors, Movies awards & Beauty Pageants
  6. [PIN-2014] Part 6/6: Diaspora, Civilian awards & Dead in News, Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas, Padma 2014, Able Prize & more

Evergreen: Nobel and Mars Mission

  1. [Nobel] 2014 Winners: Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Economics, Literature, Peace- Malala, Satyarthi
  2. [Space] ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission (MoM) Mangalyaan: Payloads, Purpose, Argument favor & against
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