Pratik Nayak Lecture Series on IR & Internal Security for UPSC Mains

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Bilateral relations under PM Modi

Bilateral relations before PM Modi

Indian Diplomacy: Overall

International Organizations

Mains Syllabus Topic: Important International institutions, agencies and fora- their structure, mandate.

Regional Bodies: ASIAN Bodies

Mains Syllabus Topic: Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.

Regional Bodies: Others

Events: India not included

In 2013, UPSC changed the syllabus of mains exam. New syllabus includes only the International issues/policies affecting Indian interests. Therefore, topics where India not directly affected= they’re not important for mains paper2. However, such topics do have their direct/indirect importance in the essay and interviews. For example: extermism=> ISIS, Boko Haram kidnapping Nigerian girls.

How to prepare International Relations?

Weighage in CSAT-2014: Paper-1
Weighage Mains-2013: GS-2
  1. [Studyplan] India and World, International Relations for GS (Mains) Paper 2, Essay and Interview along with Free Study Material
  2. [Studyplan] Indian Diaspora for General Studies Mains Paper 2 with Free Study material, Previous Questions.
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  1. clomid interactions Dear Mrunal Sir my optional is public administration. I appeared for mains 2012 and definitely writing this year also. I got 150 in public sir pls suggest me what to do for improving my score in public administration

  2. mrunal sir…where do i get e-books for international law, torts, jurisprudence, criminal law, law of contract,

    this is law syllabus for one my xam E.O in rajasthan. wich is gng to held on 29 june … i hv chckd IGNOU site but dint gt much so pls help..


  3. Sir please write an article about the crisis in Sri lanka. About the 13th amendment and stuff. everytime i read any article on sri lanka, am so cofused.!

  4. greeting sir,
    first of all would like to thank you for all your came as messiah in our lifes.thanks for beign with us.nevertheles sir will u provide some fodder points on srilanka on going 13 amendment and its impact on indian tamils.

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  7. mrunal sir..u r simply superb..jus like a lamp in darkness..

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  9. siir , [lz upload any notes regarding India-Srilanka relations , 13th amendment , Maritime disputes etc.

  10. Dear sir could you please tell me reading all artickes is important? Or i can manage with editorials nly!

  11. hi sir,
    i want to know about present situation and crisis of EGYPT and SYRIA..please send me links..

  12. sir please tell mewhile reading newspaper which topic gives more important and how make notes for it and one more thing i study you r article how to read newspaper but one i am understand that what is fodder points and while practicing writing answers in own words r else writing own words with adding important points to answer it is in newspapers r magazine.

  13. Sir

    Please discuss imp treaties like NPT CTBT CWC etc.and their current status in the diplomacy section.


  14. mrunal ji hats off for ur work…ur internatinal affairs last year is of great helped me to get into service.i am expecting ur international updates this year too.pls extend ur beningn help.

  15. sir iam not getting ur article everyday………so plz mail me…..

  16. Mrunal bhai
    Can we expect some article on this nuclear stuff and iran issue? It seems to be important and confusing to me !;

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    Plz write few mores article on diplomacy.

    Bcoz last article was on June-2013.

  18. Sir missing your diplomacy articles….please post on afghanistan related..thanks

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    waiting for your article on GMR issue.


    1. search in search b4 asking and get article about GMR.

  20. when r ur article on diplomacy coming sir?

  21. Please explain about protest or issues in both Ukraine and south sudan

  22. any articles of 2013??

  23. Mrunal sir could u plz have an article on GUJRAL DOCTRINE N LOOK EAST POLICY comphrensively

  24. dear mrunal sir where can i get your economic videos in english…..?

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